(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, the Clearwisdom.net website reported that several overseas Falun Dafa practitioners were being persecuted by the Chinese State Security Agency. I thought about this for a long while, was very upset by the cruel mistreatment the practitioners had to endure, and also felt angry that our State Security Agency dared to use such underhanded means to torture kind overseas Falun Dafa practitioners. It is not difficult to see through these evil tricks, and the guilty parties will never escape justice. Since the State Security agents have dared to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners who believe in Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance, I want to reveal their modus operandi to the public, so that fewer kind people will be persecuted. I can no longer remain silent.

  1. Is It Truly For the Sake of State Security?

    The original purpose for establishing a State Security Agency was for the safety of the country. Because of the nature of the work, many tasks are conducted in strict secrecy. The operational process is the same, with the State Security Department directly guiding each office in each province, city, etc., without communication with other departments. But Jiang has used this hierarchy to directly control each local department to fulfill his own personal goals.

    For example, some State Security employees in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, said without shame that Jiang assigned them their jobs directly, and they are responsible only to him.

    As to persecuting Falun Gong, State Security employees in Shaanxi Province said that Lao Jiang assigned them to watch all Falun Dafa volunteer assistants closely, see who they contact, and make sure the police arrest them.

    Other State Security employees in Guangzhou City said, "These days our economy is better, and we do have better equipment, but we never expected to use it to deal with Falun Gong.

    One State Security employee in Chongqing City, who just graduated from college and is now tapping Dafa practitioners' phones, said, "It is very boring to listen to a group of old ladies chatting."

    This State Agency, which consumes a huge amount of the people's taxes, no longer serves the purpose of State Security, but serves Jiang himself.

  2. How Do They Obtain Information from Taiwan?

    Mr. Lin Hsiao-Kai's description shocked people and made them think there were a great many Mainland State Security agents in Taiwan and that one's personal safety is at risk. False! They do not have such power and are only trying to make you think they do.

    In fact, Taiwanese merchants are the ones who provide all the information. How did they find these businessmen? As soon as those merchants started to blindly invest in China, no matter what their background, they were watched 24 hours a day/seven days a week. The State Security agents knocked on their doors openly or as friends to ask their opinions on Mainland affairs. They make promises to provide special treatment, especially to those who can be exploited. Security agents then contacted them even more frequently, seeking to get familiar with these merchants. Besides, since these agents keep a close eye on the merchants' personal behavior, any misconduct can be used for blackmail, forcing them to be used as the agents' tools.

    While Falun Dafa practitioners in Taiwan do not need to worry, everyone overseas should be careful, do the necessary safety checks, and try not to reveal what you do to irrelevant people, even though we exist totally for the sake of saving sentient beings.

  3. How Does Information on Overseas Practitioners Get Back to China?

    1. A new telephone monitoring system, which includes wireless phones, has been in use since 2000. I am not absolutely certain, but I believe international long distance phone monitoring exists, not to mention an Internet censoring system.
    2. Camcorders with new computer software have been set up in airports, post offices, hotels, and international business centers. They report new faces and data to the main computer center, where they are automatically compared and analyzed, and a "suspicious persons" report is issued daily.
    3. They train hotel employees and taxi drivers to report anything they think is important.
    4. There are secret agent "assistants" in each work unit, factory, and college to monitor people's thoughts and trends.

Under the shadow of such a detailed system, it is very dangerous for an overseas Falun Dafa practitioner who is on the blacklist to enter China, since security agents will quickly put him or her under surveillance.