(Clearwisdom.net) Ren Mengjun was fifty-six years old. He was a farmer in Shahe Town of Xingtai City, Hebei Province. Because he firmly believed in Falun Dafa, Mr. Ren was illegally detained at the fifth division of the Handan City Labor Camp, where he was later brutally beaten to death by the police.

In August of 2001, along with forty other fellow practitioners, Ren Mengjun solemnly declared that all the materials denouncing Dafa that they were forced to write were invalid. They tried to protest their torture and incarceration. Ren was ruthlessly beaten up by the head of the fifth division Wang Feng. He did not allow Ren to sleep and shocked him with an electric baton, beat him with two wooden sticks (freshly cut wooden sticks with diameter of about three inches) and kicked him with his leather boots. One time on the way to work, Wang Feng picked Ren out and attacked him. As Ren Mengjun walked to the entrance of the labor camp, Wang rushed up and beat him to the ground. He punched him on the head and kicked his stomach with boots. Ren had trouble breathing and his face was swollen. He was seriously injured.

In October of 2001, at the work site of the fifth division, Ren Mengjun once again claimed that all the materials he was forced to write denouncing Dafa were invalid. As a result, he was brutally beaten up by five or six on-duty police for a long time. Since then Ren had diarrhea and a high fever. His buttocks and thighs were black and blue, and his internal organs were severely injured. He needed support to use the toilet. Several days later, he was unable to eat and his life was in great danger. To avoid responsibility, the labor camp rushed Ren Mengjun home. About two weeks later Ren Mengjun passed away.