Karmic Retribution Awakened his Conscience

A 72-year-old Dafa Practitioner who has practiced Dafa for seven years was neither sick nor needed medication during those seven years. Her husband does not practice Falun Gong and has a very hot temper. Before July 20, 1999, when Jiang's persecution of Falun Dafa began, he swore at her daily during his drunken bouts. Sometimes, he would secretly damage Dafa cassette tapes and books. After the persecution of Dafa began, the elderly lady traveled to Beijing to appeal for Dafa. She was detained, and after she was released her husband treated her even worse, and abused her verbally.

In 2001, her husband's health took a turn for the worse, but a check-up at the hospital could not find anything wrong. He lacked energy and had no appetite. Dafa practitioners often visited him and told him the truth of Dafa, but he couldn't care less. In the early summer of 2002, he picked up his granddaughters from school on a large tricycle. He took the pathway under the bridge to avoid other vehicles, but hit the pier of the bridge with full force. His face was bloody and others could barely identify him, yet his two granddaughters were not hurt. When he returned home from the hospital, his face was swollen, especially his mouth, but other than that there was no major injury. Dafa practitioners took turns visiting him and spoke to him about the goodness of Dafa. After Dafa practitioners told the truth about Dafa to him, he seriously searched within. Within a few days he had recovered and his face was back to normal.

Since then, he no longer has a temper, and more importantly he no longer objects to his wife practicing Dafa. He even set up a table light, so his wife could study the Fa more comfortably at night. Now he does not object if any Dafa practitioners visit his house, he even helps relay messages and deliver materials.

Persecuting Dafa in Exchange for "Promotion"; Too Late to Regret Once Facing Retribution

Zhao Danzi from Donliangma Village, Xinji City, Hebei Province has been a ringleader in Xinji City Detention Center for quite some time. He had a lot of animosity towards Dafa, and closely followed Jiang's directives in brutally persecuting Dafa practitioners. He would not even release Dafa practitioners from his own village who were detained at his detention center, and he brutally beat and tortured Dafa practitioners. In order to minimize the torture to their family members, Dafa practitioners' families gave him presents (the highest amount was 5,000 Yuan) [Yuan is the Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average Chinese urban worker is about 500 Yuan]. Although he accepted the gifts, he continued to persecute Dafa practitioners. Persecuting Dafa practitioners helped him become rich and benefited him personally. Dafa practitioners' suffering paved his way to gain promotions and become rich.

In spring of 2002, he was transferred to the Jinzhou City Detention Center in Liaoning Province. He was healthy for 48 years, yet in the summer of 2003, he suddenly began to vomit blood. Later, he died from losing too much blood. The villagers in his hometown condemned his actions and said that this was his retribution.

The One Who Reported Got Reported; Never Too Late to Repent

In one village, people can see Falun Gong truth telling banners everywhere. Due to Dafa practitioners' compassion, many people understand the truth and have a correct understanding of Dafa. However, there was a person who harbored ill intentions. He reported practitioners to the police. Policemen thus detained a few practitioners who consequently received a fine and were sent to a brainwashing center where they were persecuted.

A few months after he reported Dafa practitioners to the police, someone reported him to the police for selling firecrackers illegally. Although he knew a few policemen, none of them was willing to help him. Therefore, he was sentenced to a prison term and fined a few thousand Yuan.

He realized that this was retribution for his actions and thus deeply regretted what he had done. He searched for Dafa practitioners. Dafa practitioners understood and forgave him. Practitioners told him the truth and hoped he would become a good person and have a nice future.