Reporter: I have heard your talk about how to clarify the truth about Falun Gong through phone calls in at least three experience-sharing conferences and was deeply impressed. When did you first start to do this?

Practitioner: I started using this method at the end of 2000. Some Dafa disciples in China had gone to Beijing to validate Dafa. About forty practitioners were arrested. The police considered them to be important Falun Gong practitioners and would not release them. They had already been detained for over one month. My brother was among them. Eventually, I found out that they were being detained at the Beijing Police Department, so several other practitioners and I decided to call the Beijing Police Department. When we finally touched the hearts of the policemen, they told us that they would have to explain the situation to their supervisors. Indeed, within one month those practitioners were released one after the other. From then on, I became convinced that the effects of our phone calls are significant and I have continued to use this method. During the past four years, the Chinese people have been deceived by lies. If we all explained the truth, we could change their thoughts and save everybody, including the police. If only people would come to know the truth, they would not harm practitioners and they would also have the opportunity to be saved. Explaining the truth through phone calls is one of the fastest and most effective ways because we can say exactly what is in our hearts and explain complex events to different people.

Reporter: Do I understand it correctly that the phone calls are a two-way communication? Is the effect better when you answer the other person's questions?

Practitioner: Yes. During the past three years, the effect has been pretty good. For example, I once called a policeman who at first was very rude and asked me how I came to know his phone number. I replied that I found it on a list on the Internet. He was very surprised. I continued to explain that many of the people involved in persecuting Falun Gong are on this list. I warned him to stop behaving immorally and to make up for past wrongdoings in order to have a good future and be spared from punishment by Heaven's principles. He listened carefully and promised to follow my advice.

Another example is the case of a director of a police station who sent a Falun Gong practitioner to jail, where he was tortured to death. When I found the official, he had become the director of another police station. I told him that he was directly responsible for the death of the practitioner. He was rude at first, asking me what right I had to interrogate him and hung up the phone. I called the number again, and the person who picked up the phone said, that the director just received a phone call that made him very nervous. He had gone to the city to report to the "610 Office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems].

These examples demonstrate that although some of these people act wickedly, they are actually filled with fear. A few days ago, a TV station was broadcasting a soap opera that slandered Dafa. I called the home of the person responsible for the programming. I explained the truth to him and advised him to change his attitude. He wanted to know why I cared so much. The next day I called his office again, as well as several other persons involved with the program. Whoever picked up the phone told me not to call again. He further told me not to worry and that their director held an emergency meeting earlier in the day to talk about this issue. They had decided to stop playing the program. This event demonstrated that the effects of calling to explain the truth are really good. It is important not to consider it just another phone call or to worry about the other person's attitude.

Reporter: How do you go about clarifying the truth through conversations with non-practitioners?

Practitioner: I pick topics according to their individual characteristics. For example, when I talk to senior citizens, I will talk about the effects of Dafa on the health of mind and body, as well as on happiness and longevity. Many people change their attitude after hearing this and realize that the persecution is wrong. When I speak to young students, I talk about little disciples overseas, placing seeds in their hearts that Dafa is good.

A few days ago, I called the home of a policeman. His eight-year-old son answered the phone. After the boy learned the truth from me, he repeated twice: "Falun Dafa is good." I told him, to be sure to tell his Dad not to persecute good people anymore. He said: "Thank you, Aunty. I will surely tell him. Please talk to him too." He gave me his Dad's cell phone number and I called this policeman. He asked me how I got his number. In response, I told him about the principle of good people receiving rewards and bad people receiving retribution. I further told him to be kind to Dafa disciples in order to assure a good future for himself and a happy family. He listened to me in silence.

To doctors and nurses I talk about the obvious deceptions in TV program that go against common sense in medicine. For example, a severely burned patient was not isolated in the hospital; another one was able to sing after a tracheotomy (refer to http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2003/5/22/36034.html for more information). They have said that they understand all of a sudden after listening to me. This demonstrated that when clarifying the truth we are eradicating the lies and saving people.

Reporter: Is it especially important to explain the truth about the Tiananmen Self Immolation?

Practitioner: People all over the country have heard of it. TV shows have used it for propaganda purposes for a long time. Only if we expose its inconsistencies and disclose the essence of the lies, will people learn the truth. In addition, when I talk to intellectuals, I tell them that Falun Dafa is the real science. At first they don't believe it and deny the existence of God. Then I give an example and say that electric waves are invisible but exist nevertheless. A person standing downstairs may not be able to see a person standing upstairs, but the one upstairs can clearly see the person downstairs. This is to demonstrate that if something cannot be seen, it does not mean that it does not exist. When I explain it this way, they can accept it easily.

Reporter: Since 2000, you have been making phone calls continuously. The more you call, the better you can handle it. How do you understand this?

Practitioner: As Fa rectification Dafa disciples, we have to participate in Fa rectification activities. Explaining the truth is one of the most important things we do. Moreover, while explaining the truth, I really experience how sacred the process is. I break through many layers successively. If I do not place calls one day, I feel that I am missing something. The more I call, the more energetic I become. Sometimes I do not get sleepy at all, even if I place calls all night long. The effect becomes better and better. In the beginning I was so afraid I was actually shaking. I was moved by the attitude of the other person. I needed a lot of preparation before every call. During the past years, I have totally changed. Now, I know what to say, whenever I pick up the phone. No matter how bad the attitude of the other person might be, I will not be moved. This is a process of cultivation and improvement. Whenever I pick up the phone, the wisdom and compassion of Dafa entrusted in me keep flowing out. When my voice reaches him, the listener can feel that I have his best interest at heart. I no longer need to think about what to say. After the other person is done listening, he will thank me from the bottom of his heart. Saving the precious Chinese people is our sacred mission!

Reporter: What do you think the obstacle is for many practitioners who do not dare to pick up the phone?

Practitioner: If you have never called, it is a little hard at the beginning. You need to temper yourself and break through levels, and only if you pick up the phone can you make the necessary breakthrough. It is only cultivation if you take up the phone. If you wait forever until your mentality is more stable and you are no longer fearful, you will never reach anyone. These attachments are removed with practice and temperance. In the past people have said: "I have not yet cultivated myself well enough. I will go out and spread Dafa after I have cultivated myself better." I think this attitude is not right. After all, we are cultivating in the human world and we cannot expect to be perfect. By the time you have cultivated well, the Fa rectification may be over and the opportunity lost. Explaining the truth works the same way; we can only improve in the process of doing it. If we only realize the importance of doing it, we will be able to do it well. Making phone calls is one of the most convenient ways. It will not affect anything else you are doing. In just ten minutes you can make two phone calls. After you have done it several times, you will get the hang of it.

Reporter: How many hours do you spend making phone calls each day?

Practitioner: Making phone calls has become a part of my life. Of course I do other things to explain the truth as well. Every night after I come back home from work, I practice the exercises and eat. Then I start to make phone calls, which takes me until 2 or 3 a.m. I get up at 5 a.m. to send forth righteous thoughts. Then I have to go to work again. On days when I do not need to work I will continue to call an additional two or three hours.

Reporter: When do you study the Fa?

Practitioner: I do it on the way to work and home. My workplace is far from my home. It takes me three or four hours by subway. This leaves me time to read more than two lectures each day. After coming home, I help my son study the Fa for half an hour. This way, time for Fa study is always guaranteed.

Reporter: So in the past three years, you only sleep for 2 to 3 hours everyday?

Practitioner: We only have so much time. Fa study, sending righteous thoughts, clarifying the truth, practicing exercises, we need do them all. Generally I call until two or three a.m. Sometimes it gets to be even later.

Reporter: What kind of job do you do? Is it hard?

Practitioner: I work in a Sushi factory. I need to stand up at work and it requires a lot of efficiency, it is not easy work.

Reporter: I heard that you once forgot to sleep, is that right?

Practitioner: Yes, this happened last year. I took the night shift at work. After I arrived home, it was 6 a.m., and I ate something and then went to the consulate. Later, I went to Chinatown to distribute materials and then went to work again. Only after others reminded me did I realize that I had forgotten to sleep.

Reporter: I wonder why you don't feel tired and sleepy?

Practitioner: When I am really tired and sleepy, if I take up the phone and clarify the truth, I feel no longer tired at all. The more I talk, the more clear-minded and relaxed I become. Whenever I pick up the phone, the other person listens to the truth and sometimes they even tell me their relatives' phone numbers, asking me to call them. People's clear side is waiting for the truth to be saved. If we act as a whole body, the effect will be even bigger.

Reporter: I have the same feeling. I very much hope that practitioners who call Chinese people will organize their stories to share them with more people.

Practitioner: The effect of calling China is really large. I called an official of the "610 Office" because one of our practitioners had been tortured to death [in his district]. He told me that he just started to work there. After he listened to me explaining the truth to him, he said he understood our Dafa disciples very well. I further told him that the family of this practitioner was experiencing big economical difficulties and that I would call his work unit to request a resolution of the problem. He offered to go talk to them himself because he was worried that they would not necessarily listen to me. He also hoped that I could call him more often in the future and invited me to visit if ever I were to visit China. Often I mention the goodness of Dafa, and its health benefits for mind and body to people. Once, someone told me: "I have asthma and I want to learn Falun Gong." I said, "If you find it difficult to learn Falun Gong at the moment, just recite, "Falun Dafa is good!" I called him again, not long after that and was not surprised to hear that his health became much better.

I also want to tell two stories that happened in my own family. My father is about 90 years old. This Spring Festival he suffered a heart attack. The doctor told him that he had only two more hours to live. When I got on the phone, I told my relatives to stay with my father and practice the Falun Gong exercises. I also told them to make sure he would see the words of "Falun Dafa is great" should he wake up. Not long after they finished practicing the exercises, my father woke up. They let my father read the words "Falun Dafa is great" on a piece of paper. He nodded and started to recite these words day and night. In one week he was able to walk, without having injections or taking medicine. His complexion has improved and he is able to completely take care of himself; he can even go outdoors.

I also have an aunty who is 80 years old and was lying in bed, paralyzed. When I called her, she told me that she did not have much longer to live. I told her to hurry up and recite, "Falun Dafa is great." I asked her granddaughter to write it down for her and she started to recite it everyday. Within one month, she was able to get out of bed, and within two months she was able to walk out the door. By now she has recovered completely. Her children do not practice Falun Gong, but they all know that Falun Dafa is good.

Look, every one of our phone calls is saving people. Think about how much power Teacher has entrusted in us and how sacred our mission is. In the future when we look back at this special time, we will realize that we had the opportunity, but did not take advantage of it, causing a huge loss and regret. If a phone call can save a life, it is indeed great and sacred!

Reporter: I have heard your talking about the phone-call process several times. I am also very encouraged. How did you handle yourself well in this process?

Practitioner: I don't want to leave the impression that I am successful every time. Generally I will call those people who object to listening to the truth again. Since we cultivate compassion and only have their best interest at heart, they often change their attitude when I call them again. They can only change if they are listening. What is more, I am not afraid when I take up the phone because of all the practice I've had. In the past I used to care about what others said to me. Now I stay untouched in all situations.

Reporter: You are really solid in your convictions. When big events happen, I'm sure you are calling China, right?

Practitioners: Yes, for example, when the Changchun cable TV incident happened, I did not sleep for two nights. I called all the police departments and police branches in city; I even made several friends. Someone in a police branch told me he wanted to see me right away, asking me to wait for him at a certain street corner and hung up the phone. When I called back the next day, he asked me if I was afraid last night to see him wear his police coat? He said that he just wanted to tell me how to protect myself.

Several days ago, I called a very wicked person who is the head of a "610 Office." In the beginning, he was very rude and hung up the phone. I called him again, addressing him as "fellow villager." I said, "Fellow villager, I only call because I have your best interest at heart. I do it on my own time and money and if you do not want to speak with me, I have nothing to lose, but you are the one who stands to lose a lot of things." He did not believe me at first. Then I started to talk about famous figures in China who received karmic retribution for doing bad deeds. I said: "True, I cannot tell you what to do, but you will be powerless when you face Heaven's punishment. Good deeds will be rewarded with good and bad deeds will receive karmic retribution, this is Heaven's principle. I give this advice to you for your own sake. If you do not want to listen to me, I feel really sorry for you!" He listened to me carefully until I was finished. When someone has a bad attitude, I do not get angry with him. I keep a nice attitude. People who have a conscience will support Dafa once they find out about the truth.

Reporter: How do they support Dafa?

Practitioner: After I called people in the Chongqing area about the Wei Xingyan case, two lawyers found out about the truth and hoped to be able to help Wei Xingyan by asking Chongqing University to release Wei Xingyan using human rights arguments.

Reporter: This is great! During the past three years you have made many calls, opened many people's hearts, and prevented many lives from falling into an abyss. Thank you for sharing your stories.