January 4, 2004

(Clearwisdom.net) In mid-November 2002 division head Yang Zemin and other personnel from the Gaoyang Labor Camp, Baoding City handcuffed female Dafa practitioners in a field. The police set up tents nearby and built fires to cook food. During breaks from their eating they used electric batons to shock the Dafa practitioners, who were exposed to the freezing weather throughout the night and were not taken back to their cells until the next morning.

Labor camp police took Dafa practitioners, mostly female, to two different tents sites for torture every day. The police officers dug a hole about 2.5 feet by about 5.5 feet deep in a vegetable field. In an attempt to persuade the practitioners to give up their belief, they would throw one practitioner in the hole and threaten to bury her alive. They even buried some Dafa practitioners up to their necks, leaving only their heads above ground. They lost consciousness from the attempted suffocation and suffered extreme agony.

Dafa practitioners' painful cries can be heard in the factory building of the Fifth Division every night. The police use seven to eight electric batons to shock one Dafa practitioner; some Dafa practitioners' skin was burned black from the electric shocks. They even used a hand-cranked electric telephone generator to shock Dafa practitioners. The evildoers connected the fingers or toes of a Dafa practitioner to the two generator poles and then they cranked it. The electric current passed through one finger to the heart, then to a finger on the other hand to form a closed circuit. When the electricity passed through the heart, the pain it caused was difficult to imagine. The whole body trembled as the current passed through the body and caused unbearable suffering. Some Dafa practitioners lost control of their bowels and bladder from this brutality.

All the methods used by the police in Gaoyang Labor Camp to cruelly torture Dafa practitioners are extremely cruel.

List of the persecutors:

Division head: Yang Zemin
Political head: Hu Chengtang
Division political head: Duan Guizhong, Li Xuejun
Deputy head of the division: Chi Zhankui, Wang Yajie (female), Zhang Jianguo
Head of the office: Zang Haili (was a team head responsible for persecuting Dafa practitioners before; was later promoted to the head of the office)
Police officers who persecuted female Dafa practitioners: Ma Li (female), Ye Shuxian (female)
Police officers who persecuted male Dafa practitioners: Wang Zhitai, Wang Guoyou, Zheng Qi
Team head responsible for persecuting Dafa practitioners: Liang Baoke
Those who aided and abetted the evildoers in persecuting Dafa practitioners: Li Lixing, Zhang Xiaoming, Diao Liwei and Wang Xiaohui

Persecutors who received retribution:

Li Shengxin, deputy head of the Public Security Department for Xuanhua County, Zhangjiankou City, Hebei Province, was actively involved in persecuting Dafa practitioners. He had personally abducted many Dafa practitioners and sentenced them to forced labor. Now he has to pay for his evil deeds -- Li Shengxin has been diagnosed with stomach cancer and is hospitalized in Beijing.