(Clearwisdom.net) In July last year, a very severe crime occurred in Longgang Township, Cangnan, Zhejiang Province, in which fourteen beggars were poisoned to death. Mr. Tang Zewen from Du Shi Kuai Bao (Metropolitan Fast News) of Zhejiang Province first reported this case. Xinhua News Agency later insisted that this case was the result of Chen Fuzhao's practicing Falun Gong, and omitted previous related reports by Mr. Tang Zewen.

After reading the report from Xinhua News Agency, I called Lu Jing, the reporter whose name was on the report from Xinhua. Lu Jing is a reporter from the Political Article Editing Department of the Zhejiang branch of Xinhua. She told me over the phone that she worked as back-room editor and there were also frontline editors. For specific details, she has to ask those responsible for frontline editing. The report with her name on it was provided to her by other people, she did not gather the materials herself.

Later, I went to Longgang Township in Cangnan myself to gather information. In Longgang Township, I happened to run into a psychiatrist and talked with him about this poisoning case. The doctor said that he knew about Chen Fuzhao, and that he was a mental patient. I asked him where Chen Fuzhao worked, and what his job was. He told me that Chen Fuzhao worked as a dermatologist in Lupu County Hospital. He told me that it was in the countryside, quite far away, and asked me not to go there. I went anyway.

In Lupu County Hospital, Chen's former workplace, a doctor in the hospital told me that they were informed by the Propaganda Department of the county not to talk about this issue. The doctor mentioned one incident that occurred in April 2003. Chen Fuzhao had an argument with the president of the hospital, and claimed that he would poison him to death. According to instructions from other people, I went to Chen's hometown, Yadianqiao, Xianju Township, Longgang Town, not far from the hospital. The villagers told me that Chen Fuzhao had mental problems starting from a young age.

The Xinhua Agency does not mention at all the fact that Chen Fuzhao was a mental patient, and deliberately slandered Falun Gong. It's a clear violation of basic journalistic ethics.

Xinhua Agency and CCTV (Chinese Central TV) insisted that Chen Fuzhao was addicted to Falun Gong, but they could not provide any evidence. Furthermore, the lies spread by Xinhua Agency and CCTV about Falun Gong conflicted with each other. The story from Xinhua Agency claimed that Chen Fuzhao's said, "Beggars and panhandlers are human beings of the highest level. It is beneficial to cultivation to kill beggars and panhandlers." Xinhua Agency then blamed Falun Gong for this insane philosophy. However, the edition from CCTV was different, and reported that "Chen Fuzhao started his 'reverse cultivation' last May, namely, being 'not truthful, not compassionate and not tolerant.' He poisoned beggars and panhandlers." The two editions from Xinhua Agency and CCTV conflicted with each other and are both absurd.

Nowhere in any of the Falun Gong publications is there any reference to "beggars and panhandlers are human beings of the highest level' or 'it is beneficial for cultivation to kill them." It is difficult to establish a logical link between these two sentences either: how could it benefit cultivation to kill people from the highest level? Falun Gong advocates Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance, but Chen Fuzhao behaved just the opposite and practiced 'not truthful, not compassionate, and not tolerant'.

After Xinhua Agency finished using Chen Fuzhao, Jiang's regime sentenced him to death. One reason was to eliminate a witness, and therefore avoid the possibility that somebody would find out that Chen Fuzhao was a mental patient. Another reason was to use the case to distract public attention from the torture death of Mr. Liu Chengjun and others.

We feel that the heroic actions of Liu Chengjun and others were righteous and glorious. The lies of the Jiang's regime should undoubtedly be revealed to the public. A whole nation's media is used to spread lies for those in power. This kind of media will only bring disaster to the people. At the end of the 1950's and the beginning of the 1960's, the lies that 'tens of thousands of jin of crops were produced per mu of land'* led to the great famine that lasted for three years, and resulted in the death of millions of people. Last year the media lied about SARS, which resulted in the death of many people. The disastrous effect of a lying media is obvious. While Liu Chengjun and others tapped into the TV cable, their purpose was to have the truth told on TV, and to protect the public's right to know.

* One jin is about one pound, one mu is about 1/6 acre