January 2, 2004

(Clearwisdom.net) Jianxin Labor Camp of Tianjin City was expanded especially for tormenting Dafa practitioners. Since the inception of the Sixth Division for female detainees, several hundred Dafa practitioners have been detained there. Most were older than fifty years of age, the oldest being seventy three years old.

Some older people, despite hypertension and poor eyesight, were still forced to do delicate, vision-stressing, intensive work at night under poor lighting conditions. They fell from their beds, time and again. Some people who have serious illnesses and cannot take care of themselves are detained there. Under those severe conditions, some Dafa practitioners developed pus-oozing scabies. Nonetheless the labor camp forces them to process food, even though they should not come in contact with food. The camp even ordered criminal prisoners with scabies and prostitutes with venereal diseases to pick melon seeds, pack chocolate and other candies, and to fold cake boxes. The food processing work is performed by people sitting on their beds.

Good sanitation is especially critical for food processing, and these unsanitary practices jeopardize the public's health. Detainees with contagious diseases are also forced to assemble items that contain edible items for children, putting children's health at serious risk.

The labor camp forces Dafa practitioners to work for as long as 17-18 hours each day and the practitioners are not allowed to sleep. If they cannot finish their assigned work load the Dafa practitioners are not allowed to sleep; some of them even have to work through the night without sleep for several days. At most they are only allowed to sleep for one or two hours a day.

Many of the Dafa practitioners, especially the older ones, began Falun Gong cultivation to heal their illnesses and improve their health. Because of the vicious environment in the camp, the practitioners are forbidden from reading Dafa books and from practicing Falun Gong. Not only that, in addition to prolonged work hours and exhausting work, they endure intolerable mental and physical pressure. That is the reason why some of them have relapses of their illnesses, which were cured before they were abducted. One older woman with the surname Li had high blood pressure of over 200 and had serious heart problems, but was still forced to finish her daily assigned workload. One night at 12 o'clock she collapsed in the bathroom. They tried for over one hour to resuscitate her in the bathroom but could not bring her around. The camp had to send her to the hospital for emergency medical intervention. She was diagnosed with a massive cerebral hemorrhage. After her skull was opened, the doctors found three out of the four cerebral ventricles had massive hemorrhages. Afterwards, the police tried to avoid responsibility by inciting criminal prisoners and those people who had turned against Dafa under pressure of the persecution to create false evidence to deceive her family and keep the facts from them.

Head of the division: Liu Yuxia

Head of the Second team: Mu Xizhi

Head of the Third team: Ci Ying, Cao Aihua

Head of the Fourth team: Jiao Mohua

Phone: (country code 86)-22-88250034