(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, under Teacher's compassionate care, our district held a few large-scale experience sharing conferences. Practitioners who participated came from a few townships and three counties. All of the experience sharing conferences proceeded smoothly. Practitioners shared about how to do well the three things Teacher asked of us so we can keep up with the Fa rectification process and save sentient beings.

A practitioner, over 50 years old, shared at the conference that in her district, practitioners were able to make truth clarification materials anywhere. They could make them at the police stations and village government offices, even during the daytime. This has caused a great amount of fear in the evil. One day, the police asked her to go inside the station and she started to clarify the truth to them. The policemen realized they could not transform her, so they wanted to take her to the labor camp. The practitioner thought, "I cannot go the labor camp. If I go, how can I clarify the truth and save sentient beings?" When the hospital performed a health check on her, her blood pressure was 140mmHg. The police still refused to release her. Then they measured her blood pressure again and found it to be 180mmHg. So the police had to release her.

A few days ago, our district "610 Office" [An agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] went to a village and tried to get fingerprints from 20 Falun Dafa practitioners and make them promise not to practice anymore or have any contact with one another. However, no one gave their fingerprints and everyone protested against the unjust persecution.

Another practitioner in his experience sharing kept calling the police "evil" whenever he mentioned them. I pointed it out to him that this was not right, as police officers are also people who we need to be saved. We cannot call every police officer "evil" when only individual police committed crimes against Dafa practitioners. Of course some police are very cruel and some have even reached a stage where they can no longer be saved. However, there are still many police officers that need to be saved and we cannot refuse to offer them salvation simply because of their job. Our duty is to "assist Teacher in rectifying the Fa" and rectify all beings and elements that are not right. Actually, there have been police officers from the police stations and detention centers that have protected me and ordered the criminals not to bully me. Everywhere, there are people with kind thoughts and people who can be saved. However, we must look at these problems with wisdom, be compassionate, and not push others away.

Falun Dafa practitioners do not treat people as enemies. Many of the people we know are people who need to be saved. There was an elderly couple from our village whose daughter-in-law practiced Falun Dafa. In the beginning, they were deceived by the lies from Jiang's regime, and were against Dafa. They would hit and swear at their daughter-in-law. They also insulted me during the most difficult time of my life. I never took it personally and believed that meeting them was my destiny to clarify the truth to them. A few days ago, I clarified the truth to them and recently they have been treating Dafa with a correct attitude. They also said to others, "Jiang Zemin is persecuting Dafa and people all over the world are suing him. He's finished."

Through our experience sharing conferences, veteran and some new practitioners who have not stepped forward, started to clarify the truth, verify Dafa and save sentient beings. The conferences have benefited our district and enabled us to better cooperate and advance as one body. We will put more effort into letting more people know the truth.

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