(Clearwisdom.net) At 9 am on December 1, 2003, the Jinchang District Court, Jinchang City conducted a trial against four Dafa practitioners who had been unlawfully arrested by the Jinchang City National Security Department and the Gansu Province Public Security Bureau. The four practitioners are: Ms. Li Guiying, Mr. Ma Zhigang (former employee of the Jinchuan Group Company, fired for practicing Falun Gong), Ms. Dan Siyuan (a teacher at the Training Center of the Jinchuan Group Company) and Ms. Cong Jinxia (a teacher at the Training Center of the Jinchuan Group Company). In court, they verified that Falun Dafa is good and kept righteous thoughts. So far, the four have been detained for over 8 months. It's known that two of them were deprived of sleep for nine consecutive days and nights and locked up in a freezing cold basement for six days.

Mr. Hao Jun is 46 years old, and is the deputy director of the Local Tax Bureau of Jinchang City. He was detained at the Pingantai Forced Labor Camp, Gansu Province from January 2001 to March 2002. On May 30, 2003, his home was illegally searched and he was arrested by the Jinchuan Branch of Public Security Bureau, and sentenced four and half years in jail. On December 3, 2003, he was sent to the Dashaping Forced Labor Camp, Gansu Province.

Ms. Zhu Yuehua was arrested at around 7 am on October 23, 2003 when delivering Dafa truth-clarification materials. In the police station, she was tortured with both hands handcuffed and her legs bound to a bench, then handcuffed to a radiator. Police officers struck her face and mouth with a broomstick, which caused her face to swell, then slammed her head against the radiator, giving her a head wound needing 7 stitches. She was released after she was fined 1500 Yuan [Chinese currency, an average Chinese urban worker earns about 500 Yuan a month].

Mr. Wang Yongkang and his wife Wei Fengling were seized by police without being charged, and had 3000 Yuan extorted from them before they were released.

Ms. Zhao Fengliang, 52 years old, lives in the Area 6 of Jinchang City. In January 2001, she was illegally sentenced to one year in a forced labor camp because she delivered Dafa truth-clarification materials. In February 2002, she was abducted when reading Dafa books at a fellow Dafa practitioner's home and was detained for 5 months. Her husband Wu Kaili was sentenced to one year in a forced labor camp in 2001, and was abducted again in 2003 in Wuwei. He has now been sentenced to jail and detained in the Wuwei Teenager's Reform Camp.

Ms. Li Dexiang lives in Area 6 of Jinchang City. On July 21, 1999, she was deceived by police officer Meng Jiaxian from the Jinchuan Branch of Public Security Bureau and was detained for 30 hours. On December 16, 1999, Li was abducted when she was talking with fellow Dafa practitioners at home and was detained for ten days. In January 2000, she went to Beijing to appeal but was arrested, detained for three months and was extorted 2000 Yuan. Three days after she was released, she was arrested again and was sentenced to one and half years in a forced labor camp. In the camp she was tortured by police officers and locked up in a guardroom on two occasions. Her term was extended for two months. In March 2002, she was abducted again when studying the Fa in a practitioner's home, and was detained for 5 months. On April 20, 2003, she was arrested for distributing Dafa truth-clarification materials and detained for two months. She was released after she went on a hunger strike to protest. In the afternoon of October 30, 2003, Li Dexiang was again abducted by police officer Ma Yongguo and six to seven others from the Binhe Street Police Station. When Li's family member asked the police for a reason for the arrest, one policeman said, "It's the end of the year, if we do not arrest them, how can we get our bonuses."