(Clearwisdom.net) At the home of a female Falun Dafa practitioner, she is the only one who practices Falun Dafa, however her husband and daughter understand and support her in her belief. One day a local policeman broke into her home and discovered Falun Dafa books, large quantities of truth-clarification leaflets and articles from the Minghui website. The policeman grabbed the Dafa practitioner with one hand and tried to take the Falun Dafa books and materials with the other.

Seeing the situation, the practitioner's husband instantly got in his way and said, "Don't touch my wife!" After meeting resistance, the policeman gave up his intention of arresting the practitioner, but instead turned to seize the Dafa books and materials. Quite unexpectedly the practitioner's ten-year-old daughter protected the books and materials with her own body. The policeman asked her, "Why do you want to give me more trouble?" The little girl replied, "They're mine! Don't touch!" The policeman asked her again, "You don't even practice Falun Dafa. What do you need these things for?" The little girl said, "These are the books that teach people to be good. You cannot take them away!" The policeman was shocked by the righteous actions of the little girl so he said to the female practitioner, "Come to the police station to see me tomorrow and bring these materials with you. I will deal with it then." After making that statement, he then quickly left the premises. Since that day the policeman has not returned to the female practitioner's home to harass her.