(Clearwisdom.net) Seven Falun Dafa practitioners are on a hunger strike at Huazi Prison in Dengta City, Liaoning Province. Some of them have been on the hunger strike since July 20, 2003.

Five times each day, the prison guards force-feed corn soup to the seven practitioners through rubber tubing inserted into the stomach through their nasal passage.

The latest practitioner to join the hunger strike began on December 7, 2003. He is Mr. Tan Shiqiu from Kaiyuan City, whose left leg was broken when he was initially detained at Huazi Prison. Due to the deplorable living conditions in the prison, his leg still has not recovered, having become seriously atrophied with the heel turned upward and the toes pointing inward. The prison guards forbid him from practicing the Falun Dafa exercises, and he has become very weak.

Whenever the practitioners' relatives come to visit them, the prison guards or designated criminal prisoners always accompany the practitioner, in order to monitor the visit. In order to expose the inhumanity of Huazi Prison, Mr. Xu, a 62-year-old practitioner, once tried to smuggle out a small piece of paper stating the facts of the persecution. When the prisoner who had been assigned to monitor Mr. Xu discovered it, Mr. Xu immediately put the paper in his mouth. Guard Shang then beat the elderly practitioner until he dropped to the floor, then climbed on top of Mr. Xu and continued beating him. Another prisoner held Mr. Xu's head against the floor while a third prisoner pinched his neck and mouth, trying to remove that piece of paper. Three of Mr. Xu's teeth were knocked out before the piece of paper was finally retrieved. The criminal prisoners and guards at Huazi Prison often maliciously curse and beat Falun Dafa practitioners. We can see that the hateful regime is terrified of being exposed.

There are still many facts about the persecution that currently remain unknown due to the information blockade imposed by the government.