(Clearwisdom.net) The Police Department of Weiyuan County in Sichuan Province has been searching out Dafa practitioners within the county boundary since July 20, 1999. In four years, more than 200 Dafa practitioners have been arrested. For that, this department has received praise from the Provincial Communist Party Chief Zhou Yongkang, who is now the head of the National Police Bureau. It also received a cash award of 30,000 yuan (Chinese currency).

After this, the department grew even more out of control. Even in such a small county, more than ten Dafa practitioners have been illegally sentenced to prison, and more than thirty Dafa practitioners have been sent to forced labor camps, including two practitioners who died from the persecution.

We hope that people overseas who have righteous minds will pick up their phones and ask those who work in the police department to stop their persecution of Falun Gong.

Area code: 832 (when calling from the USA, dial the country code (86), followed by the area code (832), and then the local phone number.

Postal code: 642450

Xiong An-Lu, Director of the 610 Office, work: 8236766, home: 8230853

Yu Jiu-An, former vice director of Weiyuan Police Department, home: 8222419

Yang Xue-Hui, vice party chief of Weiyuan Police Department, home: 8226976

Liu Fang-Quan, brigade chief of Weiyuan Police Department, home: 8235156

Ye Ming, Policeman of Weiyuan Police Department, home: 8222963

Zhang Bing, Policeman of Weiyuan Police Department, home: 8212936

Hu De-Cai, Policeman of Weiyuan Police Department, home: 8216616


Offices of the Weiyuan County Communist Party: General Party Office: 8222041

Office of the General Secretary: 8220300

Office of the Vice General Secretary: 8228282

Office of Appeal: 8222350

Office of Spiritual Civilization: 8222645

Office of Propaganda: 8238516

Office of the County Government: 8222021

Office of Government Appeal: 8231442

Office of the Legislators: 8222438

Office of the Administrator of Legislature: 8221732

Office of the Chairman of Legislature: 8222424

Office of Weiyuan County Political Consultation Conference: 8222230

Office of Political Law Enforcement: 8222450, 8221568

Office of Weiyuan County Police Department: 8222087

Police Administration Office: 8225002

Central City Police Station: 8222482

East City Police Station: 8100882

South City Police Station: 8223522

North City Police Station: 8213521

Weiyuan People's Court General: 8241511

Criminal Court: 8241823 (This is most vicious court that illegally sentenced more than ten Dafa practitioners alone)

Office of Vice Chief Justice: 8242500

Office of Director: 8240658

Office of Investigation Unit: 8240987

Office of Execution Unit: 8240266

First Civil Court: 8240381

Second Civil Court: 8241994

Appeal Court: 8241673

Administration Court: 8242265

Weiyuan Attorney General Office: 8220014

Examination Room inside Detention Center: 8220014

Reporting Office: 8222000

Law Discipline Office: 8239008

Control and Appeal Office: 8239903

Detention Office: 8239910

Weiyuan Law Enforcement Bureau: 8232148

Weiyuan Law Systems Bureau: 8222354

Weiyuan Disciplinary Committee: 8222968