(Clearwisdom.net) Over the past four years, the Jiamusi Labor Camp has become known for its persecution against Dafa practitioners. Police here tried their best to block the truth from the public, yet they didn't stop committing acts of cruelty inside the labor camp.

In addition to losing personal freedom in the labor camp, we were forced to be in a "three member team," which consisted of one collaborator* and two Dafa practitioners grouped together at all times, including using the restroom. The three members were also forced to share two beds, even during hot and humid summer nights. Practitioners were not permitted to sit cross-legged and close their eyes, even if it was not in the lotus position, to prevent them from practicing the Falun Dafa meditation. If the police suspected any of us of making an attempt to sit in the lotus position, they would curse at or beat us.

Practitioners were required to foot the bill for the broken windows in the plant where we were forced to work, though the windows were simply covered by a piece of plastic sheet. We were also required to pay for and replace broken thermos bottles. The authorities required us to pay a fee of four to seven Yuan for each package our family mailed us at the labor camp.

When we went on a hunger strike to protest against the persecution or refused to cooperate with their unreasonable requests, the police would torture us. Having our hands cuffed behind our backs caused some practitioners' arms to become injured and disabled. The torture also made some practitioners' legs disabled, some of us even suffered heart problems due to the torture.

The food here consisted of a thin soup with potato or radish in it. The potato skin was never washed, making the soup quite gritty. Bread was blackened and sour from being stale. Only when a higher official came to inspect the labor camp would the potatoes be washed and the bread fresh.

We were forced to do heavy labor, under the threat that our sentence would be extended. They used Dafa practitioners as free slave labor for them to make money. Most of us suffered from poor health due to the cruel torture, yet we were forced to work overtime every day. The mental and physical suffering we endured there was hard for people outside to imagine.

According to the official regulations, each detainee was supposed to receive a 12-Yuan allowance each month, yet we never received any of it. When higher authorities came to do their annual inspection, the corrupt police forced collaborators to sign for all detainees, saying the fund was distributed. This has been the case for the past four years.

This past summer upper-level authorities sent a group to inspect the labor camp. The police forced some criminal detainees to lie to the inspection group, telling them police never beat detainees and the labor camp shop never over-charged us. The criminal detainees had to say what the police told them to say, otherwise they were threatened with their detention being extended.

The Jiamusi Labor Camp continually forces Dafa practitioners to perform intense labor, and most of the time the work goes beyond a regular working day. They did not discriminate about what kind of work they would force us to do, as long as it made them money. Recently they got a contract with an individual who sent us piles of dirty flax materials that could only be found in refuse piles. The labor camp forced us to use these dirty materials to make cushions for car seats, which would not meet any reasonable quality standard at all. They did not mind hurting consumers in order to make themselves a profit.

When we were unloading the filthy flax, division director He Qiang forced us to work faster. Dafa practitioner Guo Fengxia had recently undergone surgery and had one third of her liver removed. Also Dafa practitioners were very weak due to the chronic abuses. It took four of us to carry one bag of flax. He Qiang yelled, "You lazy people, two people should carry one bag." Guo Fengxia replied, "I am really weak, and could not carry it." He yelled, "You have to carry it today, otherwise I will extend your term." In the mean time, he knocked Guo down to the ground and kicked her fiercely in front of the customer and driver.

Over the past several years, He Qiang and police under his supervision committed numerous crimes against Dafa practitioners.

*Collaborators [Former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture.]

December 6, 2003