(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Dafa in 2000. I often felt that my predestined connection with Dafa was not very strong because I did not have the opportunity to openly practice and study Dafa in groups during the early days. As I continue with the study and practice Falun Dafa, I feel daily physical and mental improvements. Although I have made mistakes in my cultivation, I believe that nothing is coincidental. By fate and arrangement, I have setup a truth-clarifying material production site. In the past year, I have been able to provide Minghui Weekly [Printed articles from the Minghui/Clearwisdom website] to practitioners in my area. Not long ago, with the help from a fellow practitioner through the Internet, I was able to setup an overseas email account. Thus, I began to send articles to the Minghui website for publication about the Fa-rectification status of my region.

I want to tell everyone about a strange thing that happened today. A fellow practitioner came to my home to pick up Minghui Weekly this afternoon. She was also going to pick up two articles that I had downloaded for another practitioner. I remembered that I had saved the two articles onto couple of flash memory cards. When I took out one of them and tried to copy the articles to a floppy disk, I was unable to read the flash memory card, even after the correct password was entered, and both cards were like that! All the truth-clarifying materials that I had prepared were on these cards! The fellow practitioner did not know anything about computers and I am merely in the process of learning. But I was very calm, and the fellow practitioner also told me not to worry. I downloaded the articles from Minghui website again and gave them to her. I said to her, "Don't worry, you go ahead and send out the materials!"

After my fellow practitioner left, I started to send forth righteous thoughts. I held the two memory cards in my hands and asked Teacher to strengthen me in my heart: I am a Falun Dafa practitioner, and I am doing the most righteous thing, that is, to save sentient beings. Evil cannot interfere with me! Then I sent forth righteous thoughts for about ten minutes. I felt it was very effective this time. Since I was repaying some sickness karma, I had some flu symptoms during these couple of days, but all the symptoms disappeared when I sent forth righteous thoughts. Then I tried to read the cards, I again asked Teacher to strengthen my righteous thoughts with heshi [Pressing the hands together in front of the chest.]. After I entered password, I was able to read both cards.

Over the past year, I read articles on the Minghui website everyday. I always felt that I was far behind in cultivation when I read fellow practitioners' articles. Sometimes I had the correct attitude toward the articles, but other times I did not. My attachment would show up when I read articles from practitioners who were able to see other dimensions through their third eyes. I thought to myself: "How come I cannot see anything through my third eye?" and, "How come I do not see the supernormal power of Falun Dafa?" The truth is that I started practicing Falun Dafa when I was so sick that I was about to be hospitalized. Now I have a healthy body with no illness or misfortune, and my family lives in peace and harmony. Falun Dafa has already given me a supernormal fortune. How could I have the attachment of pursuing any supernormal ability or divine power? I am truly embarrassed! The incident with the flash memory cards today showed the supernormal power of Falun Dafa. I know that it was to help me get rid of my attachment. I am grateful to Teacher, who has put out so much effort to save me. I will do better on the road of Fa-rectification from now on.