(Clearwisdom.net) I do not know how to hang up truth-clarification banners on trees. What I usually do is hang up banners on buildings on both sides of a street, which I felt achieved a good result.

One night I went to hang up banners and distribute truth clarification materials with another practitioner. When I tried to hang up the banners on the buildings from the windows as I usually did, the banners were blown around by the strong wind and I was unable to hang them there. After discussing this with my fellow practitioner we decided to hang up the banners on trees. I found that it also worked well this way after I hung up several banners. Later, I realized that it was Teacher giving me hints: I should use my heart to save sentient beings, rather than doing things according to habit for the sake of convenience.

Several days later I went to hang up banners again with another practitioner. Some of the banners we hung up on trees along the streets, and some we hung on the trees in the residential area. Some of the banners were done quite successfully while others were not. We took down the wrinkled banners and hung them up again to make them look better. When I tried very hard to hang up a banner that was not in good shape over a tree, it was suddenly blown into the sky by a strong wind. Because of the wind, the banner was hung up in a high place that was very appropriate. Right at that time when the banner was blown by the wind, I grasped the skill of hanging banners. I knew that Teacher was encouraging me. Ever since then I have been able to hang up every single banner successfully.

From this experience, I realized the following: As long as it is related to truth clarification, everything has a portion of cultivation related to it, be it big or small. You can make it if you put your heart into it.