(Clearwidsom.net) Dafa practitioner Du Likun from Handan City, Hebei Province was arrested by the police while distributing truth-clarifying flyers on the night of December 10, 2003. She was sent to the First Detention Center in Handan City by the policemen from the Kaiyuan Police Station in Hanshan District.

On October 1, 2000, Du Likun, along with her mother Yang Fenglian, went to Beijing to appeal for an end to the persecution of Falun Gong. After they came back, Du Likun was illegally imprisoned in the Second Handan City Detention Center. She was only 16 years old at the time. Because she did not want to give up practicing Falun Gong, Cui Shumin, the chief of the 2nd detention center and Wang Cunyin, the second-in-command, shackled her hands and feet and shocked her repeatedly with electric batons. These tortures caused tremendous harm to the young girl both mentally and physically. Her family spent over ten thousand yuan to get her released. Her mother was sentenced to one year in Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp.

The day before the Sixteenth Party Congress Meeting in 2002, several carloads of officers from the Hanshan District Public Security Bureau of Handan City and policemen from the Kaiyuan Police Station drove to Du Likun's home. The police tried to break into her house but she and her mother resisted and refused to open the door. The police then used a crane to raise themselves up to the sixth floor. They broke into the home through a window and abducted Du Likun and her mother. Her family spent three thousand yuan to get Du Likun released on bail. When she returned home she found that she had been expelled from school.

The police tortured Yang Fenglian with electric batons, shocking her so badly that her face, head and all four limbs remained horribly swollen for a long time. Later on Yang Fenglian was sent to a detention center. She was detained there for about ten months until August 2003 when she was released on bail. Her family was fined 3000 Yuan. However, one month later Yang Fenglian was again abducted by several scoundrels from her workplace and taken to the Handan City Brainwashing Center. Yang Fenglian went on a hunger strike to protest but was tortured by force-feeding. The head of the Handan "610 Office" (a government agency operating outside Chinese law and charged with eliminating Falun Gong) then colluded with the Shijiazhuang Brainwashing Center to send Yang Fenglian there for further torture. Yang Fenglian continued her hunger strike. The brainwashing center officials tortured her until it seemed she might die.

Du Likun is now in custody and her mother Yang Fenglian is in a life-threatening situation due to the torture she is enduring at the brainwashing center. It seems ironic that Jiang Zemin should declare this time to be China's best period for human rights ever, when a mother and her teenage daughter are being deprived of the basic rights of freedom and safety. We wish that all of the kind and righteous people will do even more to support our efforts to stop the persecution of these good people who believe in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance."

The Kaiyuan Police follow Jiang's lead by participating in the persecution of Dafa. They frequently confiscate Dafa practitioners' private property, brutally beat practitioners, fine practitioners, and imprison practitioners without fixed terms. Dafa practitioners have used various means to clarify the truth to the police but the police still adhere stubbornly to their misguided course.

The phone numbers of the persons involved in the persecution:

Hanshan District Public Security Bureau in Handan City:

District office: 86-310-3125370, 86-310-3125361
Chief of the District Office: Liu Wenming (a most vicious person)
Vice Chief of the District Office: Zheng Guangxin (office number: 86-310-3125352)
Chief of the 1st Section: Dang Dianjun: 86-310-3125321
Head of the Kaiyuan Police Station of Hanshan District: Sun Qingfen: office: 86-310-6069822 ext 801
Chief of Police of the Kaiyuan Police Station of Hanshan District: Jin Guozhong- cell phone: 86-13582300505

The officers who illegally abducted Yang Fenglian:

Party Secretary: Li Wanqing- office: 86-310-7429006, residence 86-310-7428188
City Construction Department Chief Clerk: Jiang Bianliang- office 86-310-7420750, residence 86-310-7428300
Chief of Protection and Security Department: Mao Ruixin- office: 86-310-7429089, residence: 86-310-7428053

Chief in charge of the persecution: Yang xx- office 86-310-7429008, residence: 86-310-7428298