(Clearwisdom.net) "In fact, Jiang clearly knows that the forces and organizations persecuting Dafa will break up when all personnel in National Security and Public Security see the truth and realize that it is futile to persecute Falun Gong practitioners through the use of lies." -- author


On October 7, 2003, I was unexpectedly arrested when I went to Shanghai to visit some friends. On my first day in the detention center, I was continuously interrogated for nearly twenty-four hours. At that time, I clearly saw that the entire incident of my arrest in China was a well-designed plot. The special agents in the Shanghai National Security Bureau utilize former Falun Gong practitioners who have already betrayed Falun Dafa and Teacher as a result of severe brainwashing and torture. These collaborators are manipulated to contact overseas Falun Gong practitioners in order to collect information, swindle them out of their money and verify the validity of information about other practitioners they are trying to draw into their web of deceit.

The special agents of the Chinese National Security Bureau usually employ two methods of deception. One is to deceive Falun Gong practitioners into meeting in Hong Kong or Macao under the pretext of sharing experiences or hoping to provide assistance; or they entice practitioners to come directly to China. In Shanghai, I was illegally detained for twenty days, and monitored for an additional eight days after being deceived into going to China.

The entire process of the deceptive ploy involved "Lao Yang," "Xiao Luo" and personnel in the National Security Bureau. Ms. "Lao Yang" is the person who first contacted me and arranged lodging for me. She wanted information from me about Taiwanese and overseas Falun Gong practitioners for the undisclosed purpose of swindling money. Once, Lao Yang also wanted to come to Taiwan under the pretext of visiting family. She has betrayed many Falun Gong practitioners in Shanghai and other cities, by deceiving them into coming to the Mainland and then having them arrested.

The special agents in the National Security Bureau also fostered an impression among Falun Gong practitioners that Lao Yang was a Falun Gong practitioner with strong righteous thoughts, which led people to believe that they could get truth-clarification materials through her. Lao Yang also utilized the deceptive ploy that she had "enlightenment" to bilk Falun Gong practitioners out of the money they had been able to scrape together with difficulty. Lao Yang shared part of the deceptively obtained money with National Security personnel. She used another part of the money to buy a house in the name of her own company, to establish a place where she could lure Falun Gong practitioners to assemble for what she alleged would be experience sharing. Another part of the money was spent on truth clarifying materials which she had the Falun Gong practitioners make. However, Lao Yang later turned over all of those materials to National Security personnel. The Falun Gong practitioners in China that Lao Yang cheated were not people of means, and without their regular salaries they would have had no money at all.

The Shanghai National Security Bureau uses agents like Lao Yang to secretly monitor Falun Gong practitioners one moment, and financially ruin them the next. They precisely fulfill the persecution policy mandates formulated by Jiang and the "610 Office"* to eradicate Falun Gong: "Defame their reputations, devastate them financially and destroy them physically."

In Shanghai, Lao Yang also assisted the National Security Bureau by secretly watching and testing those who had accepted the brainwashing under pressure, to see whether they resumed practicing Falun Gong. Lao Yang introduced me to agent "Xiao Luo" through another fellow practitioner (according to Lao Yang, the practitioner's name was Wang Jinrui). Xiao Luo not only discovered that I had withheld Dafa information from Lao Yang, but he also set up a trap, asking the National Security personnel to test me to determine whether I had been successfully brainwashed. In the course of the whole operation, the National Security personnel played their roles, such as illegally detaining me, framing me with accusations, bullying me, enticing me with benefits, threatening me, feigning good intentions, attempting to brainwash me and controlling Lao Yang and Xiao Luo.

Their purpose was twofold:

1) To collect information about Falun Gong practitioners in China and then persecute them.

2) To obtain information about Taiwanese and overseas Falun Gong practitioners, secretly monitor them and then verify the validity of the information.

The various means utilized by National Security special agents to persecute Falun Gong practitioners are unconscionable, and belong in the category of psychological warfare. They utilize the external environment or the substance of conversations to build a deceptive appearance of differentiation, fear and isolation, which subjects practitioners to intense mental and spiritual pressure. When their mind and spirit cannot withstand any more, they are coerced into cooperating with the persecution.

National Security special agents also analyze the substance of conversations among Falun Gong practitioners in order to discover and exploit their attachments, which will serve as a basis for creating situations that will shake their righteous faith in Falun Dafa and the Teacher. Of course, if these practitioners can endure from the basis of saving all beings at any moment, openly and straightforwardly resisting the persecution, clarifying the truth and sending forth righteous thoughts, then the attempted coercion will be in vain, even when the practitioners are unaware of the deception. This is because nothing can move a practitioner once all human attachments have been abandoned.

From my personal experience, I will expose several means used by the Shanghai National Security Bureau to persecute Falun Gong:

  • They manipulate the external environment to build an atmosphere of terror by using a large numbers of people and vehicles. They use quantity to create mental pressure and terrorize people. This is an intimidation trick used in psychological warfare. For example, when they arrested me, they employed ten or so persons and six or seven vehicles. The road was illuminated by the headlights of a row of five vehicles, to promote an atmosphere of terror.
  • They create quiet areas in order to monitor the speech and behavior of practitioners (monitored areas include the toilet, bathroom and living room). They use a hidden surveillance camera to carry on psychological observation without the subject's knowledge.
  • From their speech, they determine the attachments of practitioners, and utilize these attachments and mental characteristics to design individual persecution plans. During the course of this operation, they continually and repeatedly affirm the practitioners' status in order to strengthen the effects of brainwashing. Such means are very popular in both brainwashing classes and detention centers. Those who do not deeply study the Fa and who have many attachments that they cannot eliminate will experience the so-called "evil enlightenment," which actually results from adopting a cooperative state of mind prior to the persecution. Frequent readers of Clearwisdom.net will be familiar with this.
  • Lulling into brainwashing, i.e. using hypocritical speech to breach the victim's psychological defenses. They always coax the disclosure of the victim's secret thoughts in order to affirm the state of mind. By speaking hypocritically, and through analysis of the victim's speech, deportment, thought and feelings, they seek to learn the intimate details about one's life, family, cultural background, style of interaction with others and attitudes toward the world, and then set up the conditions for using all this in the persecution. In particular, they would continuously study, deliberate upon and analyze whatever the victim says and writes, and then design a specifically individualized persecution plan, which would include exerting pressure on the aspects of family, work and the dispensation of benefits.
  • Play-acting. The National Security special agents would play two different roles: one as a good person and the other as a bad person. They get the victims to reveal their thinking by how they react with their feelings in various scenarios. They also build a gap between leaders and followers to see the monitored person's choice. In fact, the gap is staged. They continuously discuss all this in secret and adapt the persecution deceptions to uniquely apply to each practitioner. Sometimes, they would divide into three or four person groups, with two of them being planted actors and the rest appear to be irrelevant. However, in fact, they draw on you to say what they want to know through the display of hypocritical care. They believe that what the practitioner says when he feels most helpless and terrified would come from his real heart. Once they reach this effect, they can escalate their plan of deceit.
  • Lies: National Security special agents deceive Falun Gong practitioners with a series of lies. For example, they deceive Falun Gong practitioners by telling them that all the overseas practitioners who sit quietly in front of Chinese embassies accept money and that the Teacher participates in the politics of the U.S. and Taiwan. National Security special agents play up this atmosphere with lies, in an effort to make people feel helpless, so as to have more control in manipulating them.
  • Conducting brainwashing with the technique of making a false countercharge:

When National Security special agents received their training in how to persecute

Falun Gong practitioners, much of the jargon was actually borrowed from the

secret brainwashing conducted by the then regime in China on the first batch of

victims, before the various personnel in National Security, Public Security and the "610 Office" took over the task. For example, when Falun Gong practitioners try to clarify the truth, they would put forth a series of questions: "Do you have evidence? Do you validate it? Does Clearwisdom.net check and validate it? How can you speak carelessly without evidence?" This technique of making a false countercharge is used to brainwash the victims and accumulate negativity; on the other hand, they are resisting the chance to face the truth, which is directly related to the education and long-term training that special agents obtain. This training would include such things as being suspicious of everything, rigid action upon orders without independent thinking, biting whoever the "higher authorities" tell them to bite, and not hesitating to say that white is black as long as they can achieve their aims.

In fact, Jiang clearly knows that the forces and organizations persecuting Dafa will break up when all personnel in National Security and Public Security see the truth and realize that it is futile to persecute Falun Gong practitioners through the use of lies. However, in order to maintain personal fortunes and power, and to maintain the persecution, Jiang's small political clique never hesitates to deceive and betray all of the National Security personnel, Public Security police and those people who have accepted the brainwashing under pressure. Thus, these people become the hatchet men and criminals that are utilized by the persecution movement to commit fraud and deceive the world. Within this terrorism, espionage is built upon links within links; each link is entrapping others, until finally, each one is driven to become one of the minions of Jiang's regime and their criminal partners.

(To be continued)

* The "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.