(Clearwisdom.net) On July 29, 2003, US Congressman Jim Gibbons wrote to a Falun Gong practitioner regarding the detention of Charles Li in China. He said in the letter: "The detention and forced feeding of Charles Li has sparked continuous international pressure on the Chinese government. The conduct of the Chinese judicial system has justifiably disturbed the international community."

Congressman Gibbons said: "The current human rights abuses in China are intolerable. The US must convey to the Chinese government that we will not turn a blind eye towards repression in the name of free trade and appeasement. In order to enjoy the benefits of a global market, China must continue to make progress on both the social and political fronts. We should work to prevent current and future abuses of human rights worldwide. The rights of all people need to be protected, and any human rights violation warrants attention. Open and reliable information is important to documenting and investigating international human rights abuses. China is a very insulated, traditional society and change will occur incrementally. Hopefully, the American posture of constructive engagement will improve the lives of Chinese people and bring stability to that region of Asia."