August 30, 2003

( A Dafa disciple should proactively suffocate the evil in validating the Fa and not let the evil damage the Fa-rectification and living beings at different levels without restraint. Wherever there is such evil, there should be a Dafa disciple validating the Fa. Wherever there is a problem, there is a need to clarify the truth.

Once, I saw a poster with materials slandering Dafa on a bulletin board in a busy market. I thought that I should not let it poison people, so I tore it up. I had the thought that the evil had been there for a while and that I should further eliminate it. I made many posters with the truth about Dafa and put them up at and around the same place. Later, I looked for more propaganda in other locations. When I found some, I would tear it up and put up posters promoting Dafa and pass out truth-clarifying materials again and again nearby.

When I learned from the Clearwisdom website that the evil was running rampant at certain locations, I would try my best to go there and send forth righteous thoughts close by to eliminate the evil. Once, I went on a trip. The taxi driver strongly recommended that I stay in a certain hotel. After I arrived there, I found out that it was a hostel belonging to the public security system. It was very close to the place where the evils gather. I started sending forth righteous thoughts when I entered. Another time, the Dafa material production sites in one area were continuously being raided by the police. A fellow practitioner and I went there to eliminate the evil together. I felt pain in my belly before finishing sending forth righteous thoughts. The other practitioner also felt something heavy upon his chest. We continuously sent forth righteous thoughts three times, 30 minutes each time, and we eliminated it. Later, we found out that we were just beside the Judiciary Bureau.

I was once trying to search for the address of an evil person on a computer, but something happened to the computer. The mouse moved around. I could not operate it at all. I knew it was interference from the evil. After continuously sending forth righteous thoughts for half an hour the computer returned to normal.

I went to a prison where Falun Gong practitioners were being detained and sent forth righteous thoughts at the gate of the prison for half an hour. I then walked around the prison while sending forth righteous thoughts. I went to several labor camps, prisons, and places where the evil was overwhelming to send forth righteous thoughts. For some vicious places where I did not have a chance to go, I would still spend time just to eliminate the evil at those places.

When Dafa disciples around the globe sent forth righteous thoughts together, I went to Beijing. During each trip, I spent two days just sending righteous thoughts. Each time, I would spend several hours on Tiananmen Square sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil.

It was very difficult to send forth righteous thoughts at the beginning. After sitting in the double lotus position, my feet turned blue. I felt almost nothing when I touched them. I persisted to extend the length and frequency of sending forth righteous thoughts. No matter if walking, sitting, or eating, I sent forth righteous thoughts if I had time. Every day, I kept eliminating the evil exposed on the Clearwisdom website. Once, I sent forth righteous thoughts toward the evil exposed on Clearwisdom continuously for over an hour. I was very sleepy at the beginning. Later, I was not sleepy at all. My mind was very clear, without any other thoughts, feeling that my righteous thoughts were covering the whole universe and that the evil was melted by my righteous thoughts even before they got close.

The evil will get more insane near the end. We should not take anything for granted and should do everything well with a clear mind. "Thoroughly annihilate the evil, and sweep the entire cosmos clean" ("Clearing Out").

The above is my personal understanding. Any comments are welcome.