More than 40 practitioners are being held in a prison in Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province. They were all arrested last year when Jiang's government ordered a large scale round up. To persecute these practitioners, the wardens provide them with cattle feed made from wheat bran as the staple food, and a thin soup. They forced the practitioners to sit on small benches daily and didn't allow them to sleep until late at night. They forced the practitioners to do slave-like labor, deprived them of the right to see relatives and humiliated them by ordering them to recite the rules of the jail.

To resist the persecution, the practitioners successively started a hunger strike from August 16. Now all of them have participated in this hunger strike. To suppress the resistance, the wardens instigated the imprisoned inmates to torture the practitioners and some of the wardens themselves also beat practitioners. They claimed that: "The superiors have assigned us a death quota, so we can kill a certain number of you without responsibility."

The "death quota" is another piece of evidence for the genocide crime of Jiang Zemin and his "610 office."

Head of Jiamusi Prison: Wang Yansheng;

Vice head: Liu Changyu.

Telephone of the prison:

General reception: 86-454-8304261,

Head's office: 86-454-8303838, fax: 86-454-8317458,

Police deputy's office; 86-454-8304327,

Vice head's office: 86-454-8317155.