On October 1, 1999, I went with another practitioner to Beijing to appeal to the government. In Beijing, thirty-two of us were arrested at the same time. On our way to the police station, we were told to lower our heads and put both our hands behind our backs. I said from the bottom of my heart: "As Dafa practitioners, we don't lower our heads, nor put our both hands behind our backs, we are open and dignified."

We were taken to the yard in the police station, everybody was asked to squat on his heels, I didn't do it, because we are not prisoners. The person in charge of the police station and the police asked us to report our names. A young fellow practitioner didn't cooperate with them, he just sat on the ground doing the exercises. The police kicked his hands very hard, yet he didn't move a bit but kept doing the exercises. A few policemen came up to him together and carried him into a room to torture him. As long as you didn't report your name, they would punch and kick you, the yard was full of police's cursing words. One policemen kicked me with his leather shoes, immediately my toe nail fell off, I was wearing shoes with soft bottom then, and I was in such agony that my heart was trembling, however, that policeman looked at me in a gloating way and said: "You deserved it!"

The person in charge of the police station saw us not compromising. He pointed at me and said that I was the most stubborn one. They took me into an office where a bald policeman was sitting and started interrogating me angrily. I then kindly clarified to them about the fact that Dafa was being persecuted, and the reason I had come to Beijing was to appeal to the government. They didn't listen to me, instead, they had a few policemen hold me down on the floor, face up, then they lifted up my legs and stepped on them repeatedly. In my heart, I didn't yield to them, and I asked Master to strengthen my energy, at that time, the bald policeman suddenly said: "stop, stop." Then they had me sit on a couch, and changed to a set of soft tactics to deal with me. I still spread the Fa to them, and I told them that I had many diseases in the past, after I started practicing Falun Gong, they have all been healed, and it was our Master who gave me a new life. In addition, I was fortunate enough to listen to Master's lectures in person; therefore, I do have the right to speak about it.

At that time, there came another policeman, who said: "Strip off her clothes, I don't believe we can't find her ID." Since nobody paid attention to him, he had to say it again: "Strip off her clothes!" The person in charge lied to him by saying: "We already did, but we didn't find anything." Local police took most of our fellow practitioners away. There were only three of us left and we were detained in a dark room for two days and two nights. We weren't allowed to eat, drink, sleep, or even use the washroom. On October 26, another steadfast practitioner and I were taken to a police station in Harbin city. The politics and security department manager asked us: "Do you guys still practice? As long as you say 'yes', you will be transferred to another place." We replied by saying: "Yes, no matter where you take us." He looked at us and said: "Your teacher should feel proud of you guys."

We suffered a lot at the detention center. We were given only thin soup, often with worms floating on top and mud covering the bottom. When we were sleeping, only every other one of us could lie down. Another person had to be squeezed in between, and if one couldn't be squeezed in, then he would be squashed in until he fit, or kicked on the ribs and in the armpits. Even though there was space elsewhere, practitioners had to squeeze together. We practiced the exercises and recited the Fa, so the detention center set up a "close supervision class" where we had to sit on hard stools all the time. We weren't allowed to put any mats on the stools. Our bottoms ended up with broken skin, bruises, and hurt a lot if they were touched. At the end of the year, some government officials came to check up on conditions in the detention center. I took the opportunity to shout: "Dafa practitioners are innocent, and should be released unconditionally." More than ten Falun Gong practitioners all shouted: "Restore our Master's reputation! Restore our Falun Dafa's reputation! We demand to be released unconditionally!" The head of this group asked: "Are you Falun Gong practitioners?" we answered: "Yes, we are. Falun Dafa is a righteous way. Falun Dafa practitioners are innocent." They stood there numb, and after a while, they scurried away.

We are innocent; we shouldn't stay there and endure passively. We started a strike. The police were so mad, both male and female jail guards beat us together. They slapped our faces with full strength, and punched our stomachs very hard. They beat us with the "little white dragon" [white plastic tubes used to whip victims]. Everyone bit his teeth tightly to endure the severe pain, and didn't surrender to the evil. In the end the police attached foot shackles to us, 33lbs each, and had two persons share one pair. After that, the police were exhausted. Falun Dafa practitioners defied brute force. The shackles were so heavy that they clanked in the hallway. The evil persecution still went on; the person in charge of the detention center leading a group of jail guards jumped on our big plank sleeping bed and kicked us for a while. Dafa practitioner Zhu Chunrong kindly reasoned things out with them, and then both the person in charge and the police dragged her outside. She had foot shackles and was handcuffed behind her back. She was detained by herself and suffered much torture by the evil. (Zhu Chunrong is now detained at the Wanjia Forced Labor Camp, along with other steadfast Falun Dafa practitioners, suffering cruel torture.)

Even though the term of detention stated on my papers was fifteen days, I was detained for three months. After that, I was sent to the Wanjia Forced Labor Camp. There, each jail guard forces a criminal to be his servant. Their daily living expenditure is paid for by these servants, such as buying meals, buying fruit, cab fare, even buying feminine products. In addition, washing their clothes, washing their hair, combing their hair, making beds and other things along these lines are performed by the servants as well. This is only an outline of what we have seen. It's very difficult to be good people in China, and even more difficult to be practitioners who follow "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance." Under Jiang's regime what it kills through torture, is sincerity, kindness, justice and virtue, which are the most precious thing to human beings.

There are many Dafa practitioners from all over the province detained in Wanjia Forced Labor Camp. Every day they work beyond their capabilities, from 5 o'clock in the morning to 9 or 10 o'clock in the evening. The workload is heavy. When wrapping shoe bottoms, some practitioners often work until midnight; their thumbs are covered with calluses and their skin is cracked. In order to resist this persecution, the practitioners who came to the forced labor camp earlier by the names of Wang Junhua, Lin Xiuru and other people went on hunger strike. The police had male prisoners press Li down on the ground, and then force-fed her violently. She was tortured to the point of having blood stains all over her face and body, in great agony. The female police who stood beside her even humiliated her and said sarcastic words to her. These practitioners were safeguarding the Fa with their lives. In order to resist this unjust persecution, we worked as a whole. We went on a hunger strike collectively. The evil moved military police to deal with us bare-handed. They set up a No. 6 class to detain all the Falun Gong practitioners. We started studying the Fa and doing the exercises openly everyday.

May 13, 2003 was our Master's birthday; we were preparing to celebrate it. At noon, when the cafeteria opened (we were on hunger strike then), we rushed into the exercise field, immediately we started doing the first exercise. It was raining very hard, so we did the exercises in the rain. After we went back to the classroom, we stood on one side; rain fell down on the floor from our bodies. At the entrance, the female and male policemen were deployed in ranks with battle array and were swearing at us. I thought to myself: Dafa practitioners didn't do anything wrong, we shouldn't keep silent. I said that today was our Master's birthday, and that we meant to celebrate it in an open and dignified manner. Right away, a manager named Liang stared at us and said: "You come out." Then he said to that group of policemen: "Take her to the solitary confinement cells." I walked out in big steps, right away a violent gang came to me, and they took me away.

Six fellow practitioners who were detained in solitary confinement for many days had become so skinny that all they had were just skin and bones. They chained me to a steel chair. One big policeman clenched his fists and said: "Do you know how uncomfortable I would be if I didn't beat you? My hands are so itchy that I had to scratch walls." Another violent person Liu Lun said: "Have a taste of sitting on a steel chair. Male prisoners can't bear it and give in after in two days. Let's see how you do!" Those practitioners who were detained at the individual cell were suffering inhuman torture. We were given meager bowls of corn congee twice a day. The amount was so little that it would just cover the bottom of the bowl. Sometimes we were given moldy cold congee. Right after Pan Xuanhua had it, who is a senior, he had diarrhea non-stop. However, the female police officer said: "You are punished like this because you practice Falun Gong." Pan was detained in the solitary cell for 45 days the first time. When he came back to the group cells, he was emaciated from the torture. The prison guards even complained about us: "In order to deal with Falun Gong, every single police officer must be on duty, even including those who have cancer. They did not dare to miss work or they would be fired."

One day I was asked to go to see the prison police person in charge. He asked me why I didn't do labor work. I said because I didn't commit any crime so therefore I don't accept labor transformation. He said that since I was here, I had to abide by the rules and the regulations. I said that Falun Dafa practitioners were sent here illegally by force. At that time, Head Lu Zhenshan of Wanjia Forced Labor Camp was passing by. He viciously instigated policemen by saying "punish Falun Gong (practitioners) as hard as you can, punish them to death." That's exactly what I heard. Shi Yingbai's name is posted on the evil people's bulletin board. He is one of the key members who persecute Dafa practitioners, and is well-known by many. However, Head Lu Zhenshan who is behind the scenes is even more vicious--we must expose him.

On July 15, 2000 at 9 o'clock, there came a few female police officers who specialized in torturing Dafa practitioners. The leader was Quan Minghao, they threw me into a solitary confinement cell again. This time, I was the only one there. They purposely detained me at room No. 6, which was the only one with heating facility. They moved the steel chair in, locked me to it with both hands tightly bound such that neither my hands nor arms could move. It was in the middle of July. With the heat, all the windows were closed tightly. I almost choked and couldn't breathe. The air was as if burning, my clothes soaked with sweat. I lost consciousness.

I didn't know how much time had passed. I heard someone calling me over and over again. There was also someone pressing my wrist and saying "no pulse," then the ropes around my arms were released. I didn't know how long I had been unconscious, all I could feel was my head was aching severely, and my throat felt as if it was cracked. They were afraid of taking any responsibilities if I died. After that, the doctor came in again and again to check. In the morning, rice soaked in water was delivered. I refused in protest.

At 8:30, when the police officers changed shifts, female police officer Jia Cuiyan hung me up on heating pipes to torture me. Every practitioner who had been detained in the solitary confinement cells had been tortured by this woman to different degrees.

Originally posted on August 18, 2003