(Clearwisdom.net August 26, 2003)

These last few months we have had quite a few opportunities to clarify the truth to federal level representatives and senators during town hall meetings. Recently, we also discovered that the effect is very good when we combine government truth-clarification work with media work.

In general, the media pays relatively good attention to the local town hall meetings attended by Members of the House of Representatives and Senators, especially when Senators come. We first find local media and inform reporters who are in charge of local news reports that we will be attending a particular town hall meeting, what we are planning to talk about and what we are hoping to accomplish. If we first send out a news brief, they will pay even more attention. After sending the information, we make sure to call them and ask who will be there to report on the town hall meeting. When we know for sure that someone will go, we make sure to take a complete set of materials for the reporter when we go to the meeting. Other practitioners in our state did even better. Once a town hall meeting was held at a university in the evening. They went to the school in the afternoon and found a place to teach the exercises. In the news brief sent to the local newspaper, they put news about how they were going to be teaching the exercises free of charge in a public place and news about the town hall meeting. The reporter from the newspaper came to interview our practitioners before the town hall meeting.

Today I read the reports about us in the local newspaper. Although the report was not all about us, there was a large portion about us in the report on the town hall meeting. Also, there were answers from senators to the questions raised by our practitioners. The effects were very good.

With the rapid progress of Fa-rectification, I feel that we can achieve double the results with half the work, if we consider things more completely. Certainly, when we do things, our state of mind is the most important thing. I believe that as long as we have a pure mind and heart and if we can also be diligent in what we do, our wisdom will manifest more and more, and also we will get more and more positive feedback.