On March 6, 2003, Falun Dafa practitioner Zhuang Gangxiang was spotted by police from Dongfeng Xincun Residential District in Daqing City while he was carrying "Falun Dafa" banners with him. The police surrounded him and beat him severely. His head was cut and bleeding due to numerous wounds caused by blows from hard instruments; his face was bruised and swollen. He could not stand up straight nor walk. He was carried to Daqing Forced Labor Camp on a stretcher. Back in August 2002, Zhuang Gangxiang had been diagnosed with heart disease and leg cramps resulting from the torture he received while in custody. At that time, he was released on bond to obtain medical treatment outside prison. That evening, Zhuang was carried on a stretcher by several inmates into a jail cell for solitary confinement. According to guards and inmates who knew Zhuang from before, if they were not told that they were carrying Zhuang, they would have hardly recognized him due to the severe injuries he sustained from the policemen's brutal assault.

When he arrived at the labor camp, Zhuang Gangxiang could only lie down and could not even control his urination. Yet on his second day in Daqing Labor Camp, Vice Brigade Leader Wang Yingzhou tied him tightly to an "immobilization chair" (an instrument of torture, also called an "iron chair," see illustration at http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/1/9/17577.html) and kept him in that position for seven days and seven nights. After that, the police changed their torture tactics. In the evenings, Wang Yingzhou ordered the inmates who were watching Zhuang to handcuff him before he went to sleep. They then spread lies, saying that they were trying to prevent Zhuang from committing suicide or they were trying to protect the safety of other inmates. They continued this form of torture for more than a month.

At present, Zhuang Gangxiang is still in solitary confinement. On July 21, Zhuang Gangxiang was again strapped in the "immobilization chair" under the orders of Assistant Station Chief Wang Yongxiang, Administration Section Head Han Qingshan, and Vice Brigade Leader Wang Yingzhou.

One of the inmates watching Zhuang is named Li Jingping. He often cursed Dafa and its founder Mr. Li Hongzhi. He cursed Zhuang Gangxiang as well. Back in December 2002, Li Jingping had even force-fed urine to a 68-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner named Feng Guangyun (Feng was also confined in the immobilization chair).

We ask all fellow practitioners who have received this news to send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity in order to purge all the evil factors in other dimensions behind the persecution of Dafa practitioners in the Daqing Labor Camp.

Vice Station Chief Wang Yongxiang:
Telephone: 86-459-4680996,
Badge #: 2306004 (Justice Department)

First Brigade:
Telephone: 86-459-4604903 (24 hours)

Vice Brigade Leader Wang Yingzhou:
Police Badge #: 2306031 (Justice Department)
(He was once the Vice Brigade Leader in the 3rd Brigade)

Contact information:
Daqing City Labor Re-Education Camp, Postal Code 163311.

Administration Section Head (Han Qingshan):
Badge # 2306010 (Justice Department)