(Clearwisdom.net) On September 21, Sunday, the sky of autumn was clear and high, and the annual Atlantic Special Art Street Fair was taking place in Brooklyn. This event is probably one of the largest festivals in Brooklyn. This year, a Falun Dafa group participated in the fair for the third time.

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For this activity, we were not only introducing Falun Dafa to the public but also appealing to the people to help stop the persecution, and rescue Dr. Charles Li who was detained by Jiang's regime. Two large pictures beside our exercise demonstration attracted many visitors. One was "Sit with me" and the other was "Rescue American Citizen Charles Li". Many visitors signed the petition.

Some stories:

One visitor asked for Dafa truth-clarifying materials and told us that he knew of Falun Gong. Early in September, Falun Gong participated in the West Indies parade in Brooklyn. The local TV station broadcast the parade live. Practitioners' performance made a good impression on the audience. He told us that he watched the video of the parade a few times, "Falun Gong is the best!"

Another visitor showed us an article about rescuing Charles Li in a newspaper and said, "The newspaper reports your activities."

A police officer came to our table and took the truth materials and CD. When we asked him if he was willing to sign on the petition, he willingly signed.

During the activity, all practitioners cooperated with each other smoothly. The energy field was peaceful and compassionate. More people have come to know Falun Dafa and support it in their hearts.

In conclusion, please allow me to cite the Teacher's poem "Dafa is Good":

Falun Dafa is good
The colossal firmament illuminated by the Fa's light
Only after the immense force of Fa-rectification sweeps through
Are the boundless wonders known

Falun Dafa is good
Gradually entering the human realm
The sentient beings need not worry
Gods and Buddhas are already smiling