The focus of this article is on different aspects of cultivation. We should follow the Fa and look inwardly more often to understand clearly from the Fa that the old cosmos's principles are negatively affecting our validating the Fa, to continue to break away from the state of being in tribulations referred to in "Expounding on the Fa," and to enable ourselves to constantly strive forward so as to lessen the possibility for creating losses.

Recently, through Fa-study and cultivation, I've enlightened to the following: the fundamental Buddha nature of the old cosmos, the new cosmos and all beings inside them, is the Dafa of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance"--this is common to all. This is the basic reason why during this present historic time, elements of the old cosmos are still salvageable. Our Fa-rectification is supposedly based on this standpoint-- to continually inspire and enlighten all beings in the old cosmos of their fundamental Buddha nature. When we validate the Fa, send righteous thoughts and clarify the truth, this should also be our foundation.

However, this is the first time the Fa has been rectified since the creation of heaven and earth. In any period of the old cosmos where there was no such concept of the "Fa-rectification", the old cosmos's principles were inharmonious to formation, stasis, degeneration and destruction. The reason why the old cosmos has created such a huge interference and damage for today's Fa-rectification is also attributed to the inharmonious and imperfect factors of the old cosmos's principles, including the development of the old forces. Judging from this, the Fa-rectification cannot acknowledge the development of the old cosmos' history. In the present time, which has been created in the old cosmos history, all elements that are not good for validating the Fa which were created by the old cosmos's principles and the elements Dafa practitioners themselves have formed in the old cosmos are all something that we need to reject.

In terms of Fa-rectification cultivation, we should continue to break out from the restriction of the old cosmos's principles. As Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples, we should use the new cosmos's principles taught by our Teacher to break through the side of us restricted by the old cosmos's principles. Every time our main bodies in the human world advance one step in the Fa, realize and eliminate some attachments or concepts, a portion of the old cosmos correspondingly assimilates into the new cosmos, until we reach a more perfect and pure realm. Teacher is balancing everything.

We have seen the side of the old cosmos that safeguards itself and the old cosmos's principles amidst the Fa-rectification. For instance, with regard to the case to bring Jiang to justice, no matter how a country or an individual appears to support Dafa on the surface, their various political and personal causes all have elements of the old cosmos's principles, and they are also safeguarding the so-called "order and interests" of the old cosmos and safeguarding the old cosmos's form and Gods. From the standpoint of the Fa-rectification, this is selfish, and this is a huge obstacle for the Fa-rectification.

Then, does there exist a side of Dafa practitioners that safeguards the self and the old cosmos's principles? This is definitely the case. Were it not for this restriction, we would make improvements in the Fa very quickly, and we would be in the state of constantly striving forward diligently. It is those notions that we formed in the old cosmos that makes it difficult for us to advance forward. Judging from "Expounding on the Fa", our failure to strive forward diligently is the result of an inadequate understanding of the Fa by our human side during this period or in this environment. The old cosmos' Fa is obstructing us and leaving us in tribulations, at loss or in a non-diligent state. The karma Dafa practitioners have accumulated in the old cosmos' history and all sorts of degenerate elements are interconnected with the degenerate elements of the entire old cosmos.

In "Teaching the Fa at the Discussion on Creating Fine Art", Teacher brought up an even higher standard for our Fa-rectification cultivation. With regard to Dafa practitioners' Fa-validation concerning both internal and external aspects, Dafa requires what we do to be the best, the most beautiful and the most harmonious. It is like creating a work of art: in order to reach a more perfect level, it requires a solid foundation of basic techniques, putting a lot of care into it, plus a perfect idea and mature creative techniques. Moreover, this kind of pursuit is limitless in realm. Then, as Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples, shouldn't we accomplish a "fine art of creation" as perfect as that--a perfect cosmos? That's definitely true. The creation of the new cosmos definitely requires us to reach the most artistic, perfect realm, and from the standpoint of the Fa-principles, it should be the most perfect, indestructible, clear and specific. In our day-to-day cultivation, is our foundation solid? For all of our thoughts or actions, and every effort we make to validate the Fa, Dafa requires us to reach a perfect and harmonious realm. How well have we done this?

Humanly making a certain thing be the focus of Dafa work and neglecting completing and harmonizing things in the different aspects of Fa-validation is, of course, not permissible. The progress of the Fa-rectification is comprehensive, which includes the elevation of Dafa practitioners' understanding of the Fa, awakening more sentient beings and eliminating more degenerate elements in the old cosmos, and so on. The goal of Fa-rectification is to save the old cosmos' sentient beings. Jiang's being put on trial is accomplished naturally. If there're only a few areas in a piece of fine art that have been done well--how can this be good? That is the reason.

Looking from these angles, the case to bring Jiang to justice progresses as Fa-rectification Dafa disciples make improvements in Fa-study and cultivation. It requires us as a whole to do the three things Teacher has required us to do, study the Fa, send righteous thoughts and clarify the truth, all in a more harmonious manner.

Next, let's discuss how to eradicate the evil's persecution against Dafa practitioners.

Any place where the Fa-rectification has not reached, where our righteous thoughts have not reached, is a place where the old cosmos' Fa still takes effect. This is the main reason why the persecution has happened. The part of the Fa that is not pure and clean enough because it was created in the old cosmos' degenerate history, has had a negative effect on Teacher's Fa-rectification. From this standpoint, that part is also an "evil Fa". We can tell from the old, evil forces' arrangements and interference on the Fa-rectification. We can also tell from the evil forces' display of the "evil Fa" in the human world and their brutal violence against Dafa practitioners. With regard to this kind of history, the first thing is to reject it. We should disintegrate it with righteous thoughts from the origin of the creation of the "evil Fa" and old forces. For all persecution, be it big, small, established or not established, as soon as we are clearly aware of it, we should disintegrate it from the origin.

Amidst eliminating the persecution against us, the most important thing is to improve our understanding of the Fa-principles and improve ourselves in the different aspects of xinxing(moral character, heart or mind nature). Once we improve ourselves, many arrangements in the old cosmos naturally won't be able to continue to exist.

Clearly understanding the Fa is based on our firm belief in the Fa and Teacher. This becomes specifically clear through our constantly using the standard of the new cosmos' Fa to look inward.

Why is it that by believing firmly in Teacher and Dafa we will be able to eradicate the persecution? Think about it everyone. Doesn't believing firmly in Teacher and Dafa reject and eliminate the old cosmos' principles most fundamentally? Therefore, the bottom line for our making improvements and breaking through the old cosmos's principles is Teacher and Dafa.

Below are another two aspects through which we can look inward to eliminate the persecution: one is the objective environment, another is Dafa practitioners themselves. In these two aspects the negative elements formed by the old cosmos's Fa requires our analysis and understanding it clearly. When we are able to understand it clearly from the Fa-principles, the persecution will be over. This problem exists in different levels, different periods of time and different environments.

Let's talk about a simple issue, namely the attachment of fear.

Firstly, it is not created by our own true self. It is created by the part of us that has not understood, has not cultivated well and is restricted by the old cosmos's principles. What that part is afraid of is precisely the old cosmos' "evil Fa". When we realize this clearly, it is then assimilated by the Fa. Other aspects of cultivation such as lust and showing off can also be understood from this standpoint. The standard of looking inward in Fa-rectification's is even higher. We cannot let it pass by and say, "This is showing off," or "This is being zealous." We still need to find the cause of these attachments. Perhaps, behind them there are very big factors or even something that affects a considerable gigantic colossal firmament. For example, on the human surface some attachments manifest, but looking from a high level, it is possible that this results from some cosmic bodies of a person having been restricted by the old cosmos's principles.

Dafa is the foundation of the cosmos. In "Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. Fa Conference", Teacher also says:

"Dafa is the best at every level, and at this human level Dafa disciples should only make it even more complete and perfect, and not bring any losses to it."

The manifestation of the true Fa is something that we forever will not know. We can only try to be close to Dafa. From this standpoint, cultivation is limitless in realm and requires that we constantly be in a diligent state. From a small issue, to the boundless colossal firmament and the limitless, profound Fa, we all need to make a limitless pursuit of perfection in our cultivation. Teacher also points out:

"For cultivators, though, when it comes to raising the requirement on your xinxing and letting go of your attachments, there's absolutely no wiggle room, and the standard can absolutely not be lowered, because we need to be responsible to the future, and to the cosmos and the sentient beings of the future. Many Dafa disciples will achieve the status of gigantic beings in the future, and they will encompass many sentient beings, even boundless beings. So if your standard is lowered, then that level of the cosmos won't last long and that level of the firmament won't last long, so you have to meet the standard." ("Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Vancouver, Canada, in 2003")

The Fa guides us in our cultivation. Recently, because I've made improvement in my understanding of the Fa, the change this has made is huge. Here, I would like to suggest fellow practitioners to look deeper for the cause of not being diligent. During each period and in every environment, whenever you are not diligent enough, there must be reasons behind it, and it is possible that a certain area has been restricted by the old cosmos's principles. I hope everyone can continue to make breakthroughs. This is the state that should really be manifested in Fa-rectification cultivation. Otherwise, we are in the state of tribulations referred to in "Expounding on the Fa".