Xin Baodong, a Dafa practitioner who lives in Nanguan Village, Juyang town, Sanhe City, Hebei Province, was illegally arrested and confined at the Sanhe City Public Security Department Detention Center. He was seriously injured by the police who assaulted him. The Hospital in that city refused to admit him and he was redirected to the People's Liberation Army of China Number 263 Hospital in Tongzhou, Beijing City where the doctor diagnosed that he had eight fractured ribs, a perforated eardrum, and severely impaired vision in his right eye. The ribs were fractured during nine days of continuous beatings. His chest cavity was filled with blood and fluid, which endangered his life. In the first couple of days after admission to the hospital, he was semi-conscious. The Assistant Head of the Department, Wang Weiyi and the Head of the Detention Center, part of the Public Security Bureau, Geng Desheng were the people responsible.

Because they were afraid that Xin Baodong would escape, four or five Public Security officers stood guard over him daily. For several days Xin Baodong persisted in his exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts. His body very rapidly recovered. After more than ten days, he was discharged from the hospital. The hospital refused to follow any procedures in the discharge. Since the Public Security Bureau paid the fees, the hospital would only deal with them.

During his stay at the hospital, his persecution was published by Minghui website (Clearwisdom.net), exposing the facts to the world.

After his discharge from the hospital, both Wang Weiyi and Geng Desheng produced a copy of a written agreement for Xin Baodong to duplicate. At this time they threatened that if he did not sign the agreement he would not be compensated. That he was not being compensated in accordance to the agreement need not be elaborated at this time; the more important issue is that Xin Baodong was deprived of his rights in the agreement to legally pursue the criminals who persecuted him. He was only provided with the fees of the hospital treatment and food. His release was attributed to his illness, as a cover up.

Early this year, the police wanted to arrest Xin Baodong again. Xin Baodong was in a shop when the fluorescent lamp suddenly exploded. After experiencing several tribulations, he sensed imminent danger and quickly left the premises. A few minutes later the police arrived but it was in vain.

The illegal persecution of Xin Baodong extended to his family members, relatives, neighbors and other persons. An elder sister and an elderly lady of more than seventy years of age who provided Xin Baodong assistance previously, were arrested and taken to the Public Security Bureau. The police went to their homes and illegally interrogated their family members.

Xin Baodong's son was purchasing some items at a shop when a bunch of plainclothes police rushed in and without any explanation and arrested everyone there. They were taken to the Public Security Bureau, interrogated, and their work units were contacted. Finally, the shoppers were released, but Xin Baodong's son was made to stand in the corridor till school was almost over, then he was allowed to go home. When he returned to the school, the teacher asked the child what happened and he described the event. The teacher cried and the child was also sobbing.

On the day Xin Baodong and Gao Shuying were arrested, Mr. Xin's elder sister and her husband arrived at Mr. Xin's home. The police, who were guarding Xin Baodong's house, detained them in the house for two days, and the police stayed there for several days. Their actions exerted immense pressure on the children and elders of Xin Baodong's family. The police searched the home several times to harass Xin Baodong's elder sister and were illegally trailing her. The police also went to search the homes and harass the relatives of Xin Baodong. The police illegally took the brother of Mr. Xin and his brother's wife to the Public Security Bureau for interrogations and ransacked their home. They even ransacked the homes of the villagers who had nothing to do with Xin Baodong.

During the period that Xin Baodong was in the forced labor camp at the end of 2000, Gao Shuying was illegally detained one day. She went on a hunger strike for seven or eight days and was then released. That morning at about 4 or 5 A.M., the composite administrative office supervisor of Juyang town, Shi Lijun, charged in with a group of people. The daughter of Gao Shuying blocked their entry, but they forcibly took away the child who was only wearing thin clothes. Several police rushed into Gao Shuying's bedroom before dawn, peeled away her blanket, dragged the extremely frail lady from her bed before she could get up from the bed and took her away. Her child was forced to stand barefoot facing the wall, on the extremely cold winter cement floor as punishment.

Every level of the Public Security Bureau exerted pressure under instructions by the Assistant Head of the Juyang Police Station, Ma Zhixing. The responsible government personnel were the Committee Members of Nanguan Village. The Director of the village, Feng Jianzhong often hung around Xin Baodong's home and intimidated his two children. Under such intense mental pressure, having to deal with school work as well as house chores and looking after the incapacitated grandfather and grandmother, they still managed to score good marks at their examinations to be promoted to senior middle school.

Xin Baodong and his wife endured extreme threats of brutal torment and devastation until both of them were forced to leave home to avoid persecution. The elderly mother of Xin Baodong, who was suffering from this immense injustice, could no longer withstand this extreme mental pressure and passed away.