(Clearwisdom.net) The judge in the U.S. Federal District Court in Chicago dismissed a lawsuit that practitioners had filed against Jiang. Our lawyers are now amending the court petition so that it will reflect more completely the truth of the matter as we move forward through the appeal process. Below are some personal understandings. We hope this can bring up valuable opinions and discussion.

The judge's ruling is a reflection of the overall state of Dafa practitioners. Thinking carefully, the current ruling is not really a surprise. The existing petition was drafted a year ago. Although written by lawyers and practitioners, it only reflected the extent of practitioners' understanding, care and attention as a whole body at that time. The lawsuit has proceeded through a year of trials and hardships, during which our understanding of the Fa and the persecution has changed and improved a great deal.

We should take the opportunity of making amendments to the petition to comprehensively re-assess our understanding of the Jiang lawsuit, and to help our lawyers to write a petition superior to all of our previous understandings, so that it becomes a powerful weapon to further clarify the truth and expose the evil.

For most practitioners, although we aren't directly involved in specific details of the legal work, our understanding of the lawsuit and the overall Fa-rectification process truly plays a decisive role. This is because our lawsuit is not an ordinary case. Its real driving force comes from our righteous thoughts. The judge's ruling is only a true reflection of Dafa practitioners' overall state.

At this time, it is not only the lawsuit filed in the United States against Jiang that faces challenge. The lawsuits against Jiang in other countries more or less face a similar situation. If we can break through the limitations of our previous understanding, the manifestation in the human world can change accordingly.

Here are some practitioners' understandings. This article was prepared in a rush and might not be comprehensive in terms of the understandings presented. The lawsuit must be amended this week, so we have written it up quickly to exchange insights with practitioners all around the world and in hopes of attracting valuable opinions and to facilitate discussion. We will try to revise and improve it as soon as possible.

Jiang Personally Started the Persecution of Falun Gong

  1. All available information has backed up that among the seven then-standing members of the CCP Politburo, Jiang was the only one who tried his best to initiate the persecution of Falun Gong. Even Li Lanqing, who was later appointed as the head of "610 Office," disagreed at that time. If those seven committee members represented the highest level of the CCP, then apparently the decision to persecute Falun Gong was not made by the majority of the Politburo. Thus, the persecution was not started by the Party. It was launched by Jiang himself.
  2. It was three months after the beginning of the persecution that the National People's Congress, the highest organ of state power, was forced to prepare and implement it's so-called "Anti-Evil Cult Law." Clearly, then, the decision to begin the persecution did not come from the Congress (the official law-making branch of the Chinese government). The decision came from Jiang Zemin.
  3. Former Premier Zhu Rongji, as the head of the highest administrative organ - the State Council, met the practitioners appealing at Zhongnanhai April 25, 1999 in person. A reply he had earlier drafted regarding the harassment received by Falun Gong practitioners had not been passed on through the Party ranks. No evidence shows that he was responsible for the order to begin the persecution, or that he had any motivation to do it. On the contrary, it was reported that he said that Falun Gong had saved a large amount of medical expenses for the country and was good for the economy.
  4. Many high ranking officials and their family members practiced Falun Gong.
  5. Since May 1999, the management of Qigong practices and scientific research on the human body was put under the supervision of the Central Bureau of the National Sports Committee (CBNSC). Later on, CBNSC conducted a thorough and unbiased survey and found out that the health recovery rate for Falun Gong practitioners was as high as 97.9%.
  6. After the April 25 Zhongnanhai appeal, Jiang criticized Zhu Rongji's attitude toward Falun Gong. He said that it was leading to the destruction of the CCP and the country. In addition, Jiang wrote letters in person to each of the committee members of the Political Bureau to push the persecution.

Conclusions: The decision to persecute was made solely and directly by Jiang himself. What he did was beyond his power as granted by the law. It was his own personal conduct, and he must be held personally accountable for it. The ability of one single person to mobilize the machinery of the whole country is a shortcoming of the CCP system, as well as the arrangement of the old forces.

Jiang Has Personally Participated in, Pushed, and Led the Persecution

  1. During the September 1999 APEC summit, Jiang himself handed out brochures slandering Falun Gong to many conference attendees, including then US President Clinton. This act shocked many diplomats. In a November 12th article of that year, the Washington Post cited a Chinese official's words, "It's a very personal thing for Jiang [to ban Falun Gong]. He wants to destroy this organization."
  2. In October 1999 when Jiang visited France, he went beyond his authority and announced that Falun Gong was a "cult." The next day, People's Daily published an article attacking Falun Gong. Shortly after this, the People's Congress speedily decided to pass a "law" to crack down on the "evil cult." In the abovementioned Washington Post article, it was said that the persecution was directly ordered by Jiang in person. The article cited inside information from the Communist Party that "Cracking down on Falun Gong is the personal decision of Jiang himself."
  3. At the beginning of the persecution, many places (such as Guangdong Province) were not active in following Jiang's order to "crack down." However, after Jiang visited Guangzhou City in Guangdong Province, the persecution of Falun Gong there intensified.
  4. The former Chinese ambassador to the US, Li Zhaoxing, did not openly denounce Falun Gong when he was still in the US. However, after he returned to Beijing in April 2000, he started to attack Falun Gong in public.


Conclusions: after launching such a large-scale attack on Falun Gong, Jiang has not only participated in the oppression himself, but has also directly driven and led such persecution with all his strength. Many things he has done during the persecution are not actions that a national leader is normally supposed to do. On the contrary, they were personally motivated behavior. Every person must be responsible for his or her own conduct. Jiang is no exception. Immunity as a head-of-state cannot extend to include those actions that are beyond the leader's authority.

Jiang and His Family Have Benefited from the Persecution

  1. Since July 20th, 1999, virtually all state-run apparatuses have been used to persecute Falun Gong. From the Politburo to armed police and the army, from the propaganda departments to education departments- all levels of government have been forced to get involved in the persecution. From top to bottom, every level of government has to set up the infamous "610 Office" to direct the persecution. All branches of Chinese government have been intimidated to follow Jiang's order to persecute Falun Gong. Jiang and his "610 Office" have given themselves absolute power above all levels of government.
  2. Jiang has been attempting to shift people's attention from nagging social problems and has attempted to strengthen his personal rule by persecuting Falun Gong. He labels murderers and psychotics as Falun Gong practitioners. He claimed that Falun Gong practitioners were heretics to justify his actions. He described Falun Gong as an anti-China force supported by the US. Everything he does is intended to divert people's attention from government officials' corruption, and from Jiang's family stealing national funds and selling the nation's lands. What's sad is that Jiang seemed to have temporally "solidified" his power by these means.
  3. Among the nine people currently in the Politburo, Luo Gan, Zeng Qinghong, Li Changchun, Jia Qinglin, and Wu Guanzheng are loyal to Jiang, his accomplices in all of this. In order to persecute Falun Gong, Jiang has turned the Politburo into Jiang's gang.
  4. In China, power and wealth are closely related. Power means money (huge non- wage income earned through illegal means). Jiang's eldest son, Jiang Mianheng, has no academic achievements at all, yet he was appointed vice director of the China Academy of Science. Moreover, he controls two of the three major telecommunications companies in China. He was recently appointed as director of the Chinese Foreign Currencies Administration Bureau, creating yet another favorable condition for Jiang's family to transfer illegally earned money overseas.

Jiang's younger son, Jiang Miankang, suddenly entered the Chinese Army. Beginning as a bureau head within the Organizational Department (personnel department) of the General Political Department in the People's Liberation Army, he was rapidly promoted to Deputy Head of the Organizational Department, and the controlling authority over personnel assignments and transfers.

Jiang does not recognize his true father (who had a bad reputation in China), so he adopted a so-called "foster father." This man's daughter, Jiang's "foster-sister" as it were, Jiang Zehui, enjoyed a rapid succession of promotions up through the ranks to her present ministry level. Jiang Zehui, a rank-and-file professor at the Anhui Agricultural University, was first promoted to Dean of the School of Forestry, then to President of the university, and finally became China's Minister of Forestry.

The Jiang family's privileges and benefits are a direct result of Jiang Zemin's power. Jiang's family members gained various benefit from suppressing Falun Gong. They, in turn, used these powerful positions to further suppress Falun Gong with more leverage. For example, Jiang's son controlled the information industry and then utilized the resources at his disposal to block the flow of information via the Internet.

Conclusions: Jiang sacrificed the greater interests of the people and the country to suppress Falun Gong and build his personal power. Government resources were used as the private tools of Jiang's family. Jiang, his relatives and friends greatly benefited from the persecution of Falun Gong, especially economically.

This Persecution is the Worst in History

Some people might feel that while Jiang is a ruthless dictator, he only killed a few hundred or a few thousand Falun Gong practitioners, far fewer victims than died in other massacres of contemporary history. However, a few points will illustrate the severity of this persecution.

  1. Jiang doesn't want to take the lives of all Falun Gong practitioners. What he wants is to destroy the people's morality and human dignity. For example, Falun Gong practitioners are told, "if you write a guarantee letter to give up Falun Gong, you will be released." But to a person whose belief is that they should assimilate to "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance", a letter of guarantee means telling a lie and feeling guilty for the rest of their life, and a loss of dignity. This is exactly how Jiang wants people to live -- a life without dignity and without conviction of principles. In many instances, a guarantee letter is not enough. The person will also be forced to "reform" his friends, to be quoted in the newspaper or on television, be forced to make statements that are critical of Falun Gong and to curse Falun Gong's founder. These things can make a person feel like living is worse than dying. Jiang does not specifically aim to kill the person; but rather, he wants to kill their spirit.
  2. The Party has targeted people's dignity in most of its political movements. In these political movements, almost all persecuted people were forced to lose their human dignity. Children were encouraged to beat their parents. Students were encouraged to beat their teachers, and parents were instructed to kneel before their children in order to display their acceptance of "transformation." Falun Gong and other righteous beliefs throughout history strive to uplift the level of morality and to save people's souls. But Jiang wants to force people to give up their human dignity so as to turn humans into living corpses. If he could successfully deprive 1.3 billion Chinese people of their dignity, self-esteem and self-confidence, he would not have any perceived threats to his power to worry about.

  3. Jiang's crime is not limited to harming the practitioners. Today's persecution involves so many people, so many broken families, and millions of people who are deceived by the lies, all across China. Everyone has an intuitive knowledge of good and bad, and of compassion. When all of this is over, when they finally awaken, how will they ever be able to face their wrongdoings? When their relatives, friends, classmates and neighbors are being tortured and suppressed, how can they just stand by and watch with indifference? If one helps the persecution, how can one possibly forgive oneself? Jiang has also committed big crimes against people's conscience.
  4. The entire country of China is being coerced to either actively participate in the persecution or to keep silent about it. When can the burden within the hearts of 1.3 billion people be released? This is truly destroying the moral foundation of Chinese society.

  5. The nature of Jiang's evil is not openly apparent, like that of publicly killing a person. It is a covert and hidden evil. The propaganda machines fabricate lies to incite hatred in people's hearts. Threats of extreme consequences frighten people to keep their mouths shut or to feign indifference to the persecution. To disguise the evil, they plant flowers in the labor camps and jails, and they even raise some lovely animals there, leading foreign reporters to feel as though they were in the Shangri-La of the world. During the night, however, the sounds of torture and beatings can be heard coming from the cells. "Beating one to death will be recorded as a suicide," and "cremating the body immediately so no cause of death can be verified" are just a couple of the many tactics used to deceive the people and cover up the bloody persecution.
  6. In order to further suppress Falun Gong, Jiang initiated an entire system of overseas Chinese agents to extend the persecution to foreign countries. Falun Gong practitioners were threatened, blacklisted, refused boarding on planes to Iceland, deported in canvas bags while visiting Hong Kong, and arrested after going to Mainland China. This is an insult and provocation to other sovereign nations. The harassment in foreign countries and the brutal persecution in China were deliberately overshadowed by China's "prosperous" economy. The superficiality of political expediency and the overlooking of immorality is a crime against these other countries and the conscience of their people.

Conclusions: Jiang's persecution against Falun Gong tramples on human beings' justice and conscience. What he persecutes is morality, dignity, and self-confidence, things that humans depend on for their existence. Thus, it is a crime against all humanity, in addition to being the most evil crime in history.

During the last four years, plenty of first-hand information and related discussions have been accumulated over the Internet. It is suggested that every Dafa practitioner calm down, clear up his own thoughts, and recognize what level his understanding is at in regards to these questions, because, this determines the overall situation. Only after our overall status reaches a certain level will the evil factors in other dimensions lose ground, and the matters that Dafa practitioners are supposed to complete will be successful as conditions ripen.

Each Life must be Responsible for Himself

The record listed above is not complete but is an explanation of the author's point of view, along with those facts that everyone is aware of. The author believes that other practitioners and people in society will uncover more and detailed firsthand information. This will be the evidence used in court, and will play an active role in the grand trial of the evil head.

The author found that there is an error zone in the lawsuit against Jiang. Everyone knows that the persecution was initiated by Jiang himself; however, because of an unclear understanding about the execution of persecution and the evil nature in the past four years, sometimes practitioners just focused on individual cases but failed to view the overall situation. What the unclear understanding reflects in society is that the public is not clear about the severity of the evil perscution and that the judge is not clear about Jiang's immuity as a head of state.

Actually, Jiang, to persecute Falun Gong, is manipulating China's government as a tool. Jiang and his associates abuse the government of China to commit the most heinous and gross crimes. The Chinese government and its 1.3 billion people are seemingly kidnapped, being coerced into committing crimes under intimidation.

The exposure of Jiang's crimes and bringing him to justice in the courts of the human world promote mankind's justice. They also serve to salvage hundreds of millions of Chinese people. For this trial, all kind-hearted people are the plaintiffs. This unprecedented trial will have kind-hearted people regaining their self-confidence and dignity and let people see the hope and glory of life. Thus, this trial is very important for each living being who is a particle in the boundless cosmos. So how can they be absent in such a grand trial against evil?

It is time to expose Jiang from hiding in the background (the country, the regime) because nothing can cover his monstrous crimes. Each living being must see all the evil that he has committed.

All Dafa practitioners with righteous thoughts and clear understanding will lead everyday people to walk out of the dense fog, and complete the historic trial.