People in the Xiqin Village Government and Police Station in Shuangcheng City in Heilongjiang Province persecuted Dafa practitioners. In 2001, the person-in-charge at the police station Yan Jun, administrative assistant Liu Yongze, and Officer Yu Daquan all received retribution. They were arrested for misconduct in office. They are being held at No.7 division at the Harbin Police Bureau.

During the 2001 Chinese New Year, Xiqin Village Communist Party Committee chief Pan Chunku, Politics and Law Committee chief Wang Jiwen arrested several practitioners.

They were then sent to Shuangcheng No. 2 Detention Center under criminal detention, and forced to attend a brainwashing session set up by the village government. Practitioners' human rights were seriously violated. They couldn't lead a normal life any longer.

After the brainwashing session, every practitioner was coerced into paying 1,000 Yuan [500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China.]. Those who had gone to Beijing to appeal to the government were fined as much as several tens of thousands of Yuan.

Dafa practitioner Xu Zhenfeng's land contract was breached after he went to appeal for Falun Gong. He is now detained at Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp. His wife and two teenage children cannot lead normal lives.

After Dafa practitioner Kou Guanfang's father passed away, his family demanded his release to take care of the funeral arrangements. However, the village government secretary and the Politics and Law Committee secretary refused to release him because his family didn't have money to give them.

Good is rewarded with good; evil meets its evil retribution.

Pan Chunku now often takes injections and medicine. His wife (Women's Alliance director) died of cancer on June 29, 2003, when she was only 41 years old and he had spent over 100,000 Yuan in medical expenses. Wang Jiwen had an accident when he was riding a motorcycle. He had an operation to graft skin to his face, which cost him over 20,000 Yuan. During the 2001 Chinese New Year, when his wife was holding a brainwashing session, she fell down the stairs, breaking her leg, and to this day, it has not healed.

"Good is rewarded with good, evil meets its evil retributions" is the law of the heavens. Falun Dafa is benevolent. If you can come to realize that Falun Dafa is good, there will be a bright future waiting for you.

People of the world, please do not lose this great opportunity. Think clearly about this issue. When Falun Dafa practitioners don't complain, feel no hatred, take hardship benevolently, and sacrifice themselves to the point of selflessness, it is to wake up the people of the world to what is truly good!