At about 6 a.m. on November 10, 2001, Ms Li Zhengfang (age 30) of Puchun village, Beigang town, Fusong County, was arrested by Zhang Aimin on the main street. She was taken to the Public Security Bureau of Fusong County. Her hands were cuffed behind her back, raised up and then cuffed to a bench in front of her. Her legs were at right angles to the body and were held down by policemen. Others used large electric batons to shock her back and mouth. Then the police covered her head with a plastic bag while continuing to shock her. She bit through the bag to get air. The police put another plastic bag over her head until there were four bags. Li Zhengfang lost consciousness several times. Zhang Aimin and his three staff ganged up on her, beating her in turns. They fiercely kicked and punched her, and some of them grabbed her shoulder to forcefully knee her at her lower body. This is how Li Zhengfang and others were tortured at the Public Security Bureau for two days and nights.

The police arrested the couple Mr. Zhang Xiushan and Ms. Li Zhengfang, and left two of their parents both over 70 years old with the couple's five-year-old girl at home alone. Their living conditions are extremely difficult.

Immediately after this, these Dafa practitioners were also arrested. Ms. Li Xiaowen from Puchun village, Mr. Zhang Xiushan (Li Zhengfang's husband), Ms. Meng Qingling (Fusong county, Lulin High School teacher), and Ms. Song Weixiang (Beigang town, Fusong County farmer). Many other Dafa practitioners were forced to leave home to escape persecution.

They were tried and sentenced in secret for long terms with fabricated charges. The sentences were for 2 to 12 years. Fusong County Detention Center kept them for more than a year longer than the sentencing. They were secretly transferred to Changchun Heizuizi Prison at different times.

September 24, 2003