Zhang Changming, 50 years old, a miner of Qitaihe City in Heilongjiang Province, is a Dafa practitioner. Due to going to Beijing to appeal to the government and for clarifying the truth, he was detained at Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp, and then beaten to death.

In mid January 2003, because Dafa practitioner Zhang Changming closed his eyes in the cell, he was reported to the jail guard by a criminal named Liang Jingui (In order to stop Dafa practitioner doing exercises, Jiamusi forced labor camp policemen monitor Dafa practitioners closely in order to stop them from crossing their legs to sit in a lotus position, or even closing their eyes). The police sent him to a solitary compartment, shackled him to the floor, and then beat him mercilessly. Under the instigation of the policemen Liu Hongguang and Gu Gang, criminal Du Hongjun struck a nail into the sole of Zhang's foot over 20 times. The next day, they sent Zhang to the intensive training group to be confined to a solitary compartment again where he was shackled to the concrete ground and beaten for three days and nights. On the fourth day, he was tortured to the point of dying, then the intensive training group sent him to the transformation team, however, Zhang was already tortured to such a terrible degree that he was mentally disordered. He was thus confined in a solitary compartment and the police sent two criminals to guard him.

In January 2003, the police sent Zhang to the intensive training group for detainment. It was there that he was kept under close surveillance. Fifteen days later, he was sent back to the transformation team and detained in the class for sick people, and criminals watched over him. On the midnight of February 28, middle group leader Yang Jiantao who was on duty, and guard Liu Dian dragged Zhang Changming violently to the office. They handcuffed him to the heater and beat terribly. It was very likely that he was beaten to death, rather than passing away after he was sent home on March 2. After he was beaten, he was sent to the hospital on March 1. The jail police lied to the Falun Gong practitioners detained by saying, "Zhang Changming was bailed out for his sickness." After their show of lies, there was a drastic shuffling around among policemen and guards.

Jiamusi forced labor camp person in charge office: 86-454-8891958
Political committee office: 86-454-8891890
Administrative office: 86-454-8891948
Assistance to person in charge office: 86-454-8891931/2/3/4/5/7/8/9
Management office: 86-454-8891940
No.2 grand team: 86-454-8891924
No.3 grand team: 86-454-8891926