(Clearwisdom.net) On September 13-14, 2003, a study camp entitled "Losses in Education" was held in Ulutiran, Johor Bharu, Malaysia. At the invitation of the Johor Bharu Youth Awakening Association, two renowned people from Taiwan came to give speeches. They were Associate Professor Dr. Yang Shuoying from the Department of Business Management at the National Sun Yat-sen University in Kaohsiung, and Dr. Ao Manguan, director of the Orthopedics Department in Taipei Chenxing Hospital. They discussed the types of chaotic phenomena, problems and misunderstandings of education orientation from the perspectives of the current education system and their academic fields.

Dr. Yang pointed out that one of the misunderstandings of current educational reform is that people only want to change others, but do not want to deal with, or have difficulty correcting their own problems. Usually people know the difference between right and wrong, but have difficulty controlling themselves. Dr. Yang especially mentioned "Falun Gong" in his lecture, pointing out how it can help people upgrade their morality and obtain physical and mental wellbeing. Because of this, Falun Gong has won awards and support from governments and people of many countries.

Dr. Ao discussed the degeneration of people's attitudes towards life, and their principles in conducting themselves in society, as well as the types of social problems resulting from declining moral standards, based on his special work environment. He used the experiment of "Water Crystals" to illustrate that good and bad messages in people's minds have a direct influence over outside events.

About 50 people attended the activity and lectures given by Dr. Yang and Dr. Ao, who are both Falun Gong practitioners. It spawned further discussion on the nature of education and the meaning of life, and enabled attendees to gain a deeper understanding of Falun Gong's popularity in society and its principles of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance."