Mr. Cao Xinghong and family from the Shengli Oil Refinery Have All Been illegally Detained

Mr. Cao Xinghong, around 38, is a Falun Dafa practitioner who works as a driver for the Shengli Oil Refinery Party School. He was illegally arrested on the morning of September 12, 2003, and has been detained ever since.

Mrs. Wei Xiurong, around 36, is a Dafa practitioner and is Mr. Cao Xinghong's wife. She is a former employee of the Material Exploration Institute at the Shengli Oil Refinery. On the afternoon of September 12, 2003, a large group of people from the 'refinery's Binhai Police Station went to illegally ransack her home. They then took Mrs. Wei to the Police Station and have kept her detained since.

Mrs. Wei's mother is a Falun Dafa practitioner in her 60's. In October 2000, she was illegally sentenced to a three-year forced labor term by lawless personnel from the refinery's "610 office". During that period of time she was out on bail to receive medical treatment due to poor health condition. Afterwards someone tipped off the police when she was distributing truth-clarification materials. She was again detained in Wangcun Forced Labor Camp in Shandong Province. She has been persecuted and has not returned home ever since.

Mrs. Wei Xiurong's father, Mr. Wei Laiyun, is a Dafa practitioner in his 60'. He was sent to Wangcun for an illegal forced labor sentence. He was released in March of 2003.

Dafa Practitioner Ms. Kong Fanlian Is Detained in the Shengli Oil Refinery Transportation Company's Brainwashing Center

Ms. Kong Fanlian, 53, is a retiree of the Shengli Oil Refinery's Auto Body Shop. She practices Falun Dafa. On one morning in July 2003, she was arrested by policemen from her company. She was sent to the Shengli Oil Refinery Transportation Company's brainwashing center and has been persecuted ever since.