(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Mr.Yang Yi, 38, was detained at the Fuquan City Detention Center in Guizhou Province for distributing Dafa truth-clarifying flyers, and was illegally sentenced to seven years of imprisonment. He was tortured to death on November 15, 2001. To cover up their crime, the Fuquan City "610 Office"* and police department forcibly cremated his body without allowing his family to see him for the last time (previously reported by Clearwisdom.net).

After long-term torture, Yang Yi could not even eat, yet the detention center refused to release him. They did not send him to the hospital until November 15, 2001. At that time Yang Yi was reduced to skin and bones, he could not eat anything, and threw up whatever was fed to him, whether it was water or food. He died that afternoon as a result of the torture.

Yang Yi was an engineer at the Wengfu Phospher Plant, the largest phosphate fertilizer producer in Asia. On December 26, 2000, when Yang Yi was distributing Falun Gong truth-clarifying flyers in the plant dormitory, he was identified by guards. On December 27 he was illegally arrested and beaten, and his right leg was fractured. To cover up their crime, the police sent him to Machangping Hospital.

In early 2001, before Yang Yi's leg recovered, the Fuquan Police Department and the "610 Office" of Wengfu Phosphate Mine Police Subdivision deceived Yang Yi and his family, saying they were taking him to the Fuquan Hospital for leg treatment, but instead sent him directly to the Fuquan City Detention Center for illegal detention and rampant persecution. The police vainly attempted to force Yang Yi to renounce "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance," but Yang Yi held on firmly to the truth and did not give in. The police did not allow the family to visit him for a long time, and framed up charges to the prosecutor's office. In order to see him, Yang Yi's sister was extorted [of money] twice by police.

On October 23, 2001, Fuquan City Court colluded with the "610 Office" to illegally sentence Yang Yi to seven years of imprisonment at a secret trial. In November 2001, after long-term brutal torture, Yang Yi could not even eat. His family strongly requested many times that he be released on bail for medical treatment, but the requests were all denied. On November 15, 2001, Yang Yi was on the verge of death. Fearful of taking responsibility for his death, the police sent him to the hospital. Yang Yi died at 2 p.m. as a result of torture.

The lawless officials at the "610 Office," Fuquan City Police Department, Prosecutor's Office, and Wengfu Phosphate Mine Police Subdivision held a secret meeting at Wengfu Phosphate Mine in order to hurriedly destroy the body and evidence. At 8 p.m. the same day, they moved Yang Yi's body to Duyun City Crematory. When Yang Yi's family requested to see his body for the last time, the murderers, in order to cover up their crime, quickly cremated Yang Yi's body without allowing his family, even his wife, to take a look. The wicked people also extended their persecution to Yang Yi's family. Yang Yi's wife, Zhou Shengqiong, was illegally arrested on November 26, 2000 and was detained until November 3, 2001, when she was sentenced to a three year term. She served the sentence outside the prison. Yang Yi's mother was arrested in October 2001 and illegally detained in Zunyi City for three months.

Chief criminals who participated in the persecution of Yang Yi:
Fuquan City Police Department Director, Liao Guangwen +86-854-2221167
Fuquan City Police Department Commissar, Zhang Youzhong +86-854-2226195
Wengfu Phosphate Mine Police Subdivision, Tang Xingguo and others
Fuquan Prosecutor's Office +86-854-2222459
Fuquan City Court +86-854-2226065; +86-854-2226776

* 610 Office: An agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.