September 10, 2003


At around 9pm on September 1, 2003, several policemen from the Public Security Bureau of Fushun City, Liaoning Province broke into the home of Ms. Luo Jingyu, a Dafa disciple of Korean nationality in Qiandian Village, Shuncheng District. They arrested Ms. Luo and her three year old daughter Chi Xing and took them to the local brainwashing center.

The staff at the brainwashing center hypocritically told her family that, "They are all right in the class and they will be released as long as she writes a 'pledge'." What is the pledge for? Pledge not to tell the truth? Pledge not to be good people? Or pledge to assist Jiang in doing evil? Are they really "all right in the class?" For the three-year-old, little Chi Xing, what she sees are the electric baton welts and bruises all over Dafa disciples' bodies. What she hears are the shouting of policemen and the painful moaning of persecuted people, and her little heart is suffering severe trauma. All kind-hearted people, please extend your help and rescue little Chi Xing! All life needs "Zhen-Shan-Ren" (Truth-Compassion-Tolerance), and there are no national boundaries for kindness!

The head of "610 Office" of Shuncheng District in Fushun City, Yu Manchang, home phone: 86-413-2626895, office phone: 413-7672640, 86-413-7675659

Public Security Bureau of Fushun City, phone number: 86-413-2626095, 86-413-2624451

Qiandian Police Station at Shunchen District of Fushun City: 86-413-7645433