1. A Dafa practitioner has been firm in his belief and never renounced his belief inspite all sorts of torture and hardships. A police officer said, "I really admire you. When you are released, I will surely have you as my friend."

2. A Dafa practitioner has been persecuted and now has difficulty using the restroom. He could not wash his clothes. An inmate helped him to go to the restroom and washed his clothes. He said to the Falun Dafa practitioner, "I know you are good. I will learn (Falun Gong) when I get out of here. I have even seen your Master! Tall and great!"

3. A Falun Gong practitioner as seen through the eyes of an inmate:

A Seven-Year Sentence for a Speech

There is a Falun Gong practitioner in our cell. He was a high school teacher and well respected by his principle, colleagues and students. Early this year, the public safety police arrested him. All the students in his class and parents went to the police bureau to support him and questioned the police, "Such a good person--why do you have to arrest him?"

The principle also admitted that since the beginning of his career, there had been no other instance of an entire class of students and their parents going to police bureau in support of the students' teacher. In a graduation speech for his class, he said, "you shall become people who speak truly, do true things and who treat other people with kindness and tolerance." Local "610 Office" agents learned of the practitioner's speech. They accused him of spreading Falun Gong and fabricated documents to sentence him for seven years.

I really do not understand: by law, jails and detention centers should lock up people like me who committed crimes. However, those good people who are welcomed in all their walks of life and industries have been put into jail. Currently, there is no distinction made between the upright and the crooked and between the kind and the evil. I shiver somewhat even though I am not cold.

Director of Detention Center Arrested for Practicing Falun Gong

Shortly after my arrival at the jail, I heard that Director He ["He" is his name pronounced "Huh" in English] was sentenced. I could not understand this. Director He never abused us physically, and police officers and long-term inmates highly respected him.

An old inmate told a story: once, the director asked him to be in charge. In gratitude, this inmate brought some gifts to the director's home. The director seriously declined the gifts. When Director He was managing support administration, the cafeteria served really good food. He truly did not take bribes and was not at all greedy.

Finally, I learned that Director He practices Falun Gong. Tragically, it is this kind of person who gets sentenced.