September 8, 2003


At around 4:15pm on August 12, 2003, Ms. Chunmei (pseudonym), an elderly Dafa practitioner, was knocked down by a car while pushing a bicycle across the street. She was very clear at that moment that she had been hit and her only thought was, "I'm a Dafa practitioner. It's nothing."

The driver asked if she was all right, but Ms. Chunmei could not talk at that moment due to being hit. She could only exhale without being able to inhale and felt intensive pain in her vital organs. She then answered in a very weak voice, "It's nothing serious. You can leave!" Holding up the bicycle for her and seeing nothing wrong with it, the driver left. Then Ms. Chunmei also left pushing her bike along with her. Just then it suddenly occurred to her that if she were not a Dafa cultivator, an elderly person like her would have surely been badly hurt. It was Dafa that saved her.

After arriving home, she was in such pain that it felt as if her bones were broken. She lay in bed not being able to move throughout the whole night because of the pain. By August 13th, she couldn't bear the pain any more and felt that her life would soon slip away, so she asked her grandson to call a fellow practitioner. The practitioner came with very strong righteous thoughts in her heart and said to her, "We're Dafa practitioners. It's nothing." Ms. Chunmei said in a very weak voice that she very much regretted not clarifying the truth to the driver at the time. The fellow practitioner replied, "Don't worry, you'll recover. After recovering, you can also promote Dafa."

Through her discussion with the fellow practitioner she came to an understanding. Ms. Chunmei endured the tremendous pain, held onto the table and said to Master, "Master, I missed such a good opportunity to clarify the truth and save people." Just as she was saying this, she miraculously felt much of the pain disappear.

Three days later, Ms. Chunmei truly recovered. She can now ride her bicycle outside to clarify the truth again.