About a year ago, I was released from forced labor camp and returned home. I could study the Fa again. However, I couldn't concentrate when I studied. The scenes of Dafa disciples being tortured in the forced labor camps appeared in front of my eyes all the time. Sadly, I had to close the book.

I was trying to sort out if this was interference from the outside, or if it was caused by my own karma. Later on I realized that if I want to effectively study the Fa, I must calmly study the Fa and without any everyday people's notions. Nothing can interfere in my studying the Fa as long as my sincere heart is not affected. Therefore, I now sit down for a few minutes everyday to clear my thoughts. After a while, I can study the Fa in depth, and there is less interference.

Some time later, I have been involved in truth clarification at a materials production site, and I have been very busy. After a while I developed the attachment of getting work done, and the time spent on Fa study became less and less. I tried to find excuses whenever fellow practitioners reminded me that I didn't spend enough time in studying the Fa. In fact, there should be no excuse not to study the Fa.

After realizing this, I used a simple method to monitor my Fa-study. I made a graph. The horizontal axis represents the Fa study and practice, and the vertical axis represents the date. It is easy to see the time spent on Fa study and practice everyday. If I didn't spend enough time on Fa studying in a particular day, I would make it up later when I had time. This is an everyday people's way of monitoring, and it may be helpful for some practitioners. I used this for half a year, and it indeed helped me to regularly study the Fa. Later, realizing I could study the Fa without any outside reminding, I stopped using the monitoring graph. This is only a suggestion for those practitioners who may have not as much self-discipline.

Over a period of time, I had a lot of interference. I had conflicts with my family and my wife (she is also a Dafa practitioner). I also had interference from other sources. I could not concentrate on studying the Fa. I frequently went to my room to read the Fa out loud to get rid of the interference and to strengthen my righteous thoughts. I felt it was a great idea to read the Fa out loud. Sometimes I really felt that nothing else existed around me, and the only thing there was my voice. I was very calm. It was very effective to study the Fa this way. I read two chapters regularly every day, sometimes more, and sometimes less.

Some fellow practitioners believe it's better to read the Fa fast, and some of them believe it's better to read the Fa slowly. I felt the speed of studying the Fa depends on one's personal condition. For those who have higher education and have stronger reading comprehension ability it makes sense to read the Fa fast. But it's important to study the Fa accurately and not skip a single word.

Besides reading two chapters of Zhuan Falun, I will study Master's recent lectures if I have additional time. But I definitely do it after I read two chapters of Zhuan Falun. I also study the Fa when I go out on business or do some simple work. There is an electronic book that can store all the Dafa books, and it's very convenient, especially for travel on business. There is also a digital electronic pen [audio recorder] that can record all of Master's lectures that can then be played back.

The above is my experiences of studying the Fa. Hopefully it can help fellow practitioners.