(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Wang, from in Zhejiang Province in Southeast China. My health was very poor before I retired and I suffered from various illnesses. I often felt dizzy and weak. I had an early retirement in 1997 because of my illnesses. In the same year I was lucky to obtain Falun Dafa. All of my illnesses disappeared without my noticing it after I began to practice Dafa.

Since Falun Dafa is such a wonderful exercise, I decided to pass it on to my relatives and friends so that they could all live happily and be free of illnesses. The first person I thought of was my mother. She used to suffer from several illnesses and had to take a handful of tablets every day.

One day in April 1998, when I went back to my hometown to visit my mother, her complexion suddenly turned purple. My father rushed to get the emergency heart attack medication from the drawer and my mother stabilized after taking the pills. I suggested that she practice Falun Dafa and she began to watch the videotapes of Teacher's Fa lectures. The next day after my mother finished watching Lecture Two, Teacher began to cleanse her body and she began to have some physical reactions. My mother told me with a smile, "Teacher is taking care of me now." On the third day, mother felt very relaxed and she cut her medication to half. Fifteen days later, she stopped taking the medication.

Everyone in my family was very glad that mother was back to good health. What appeared even more wonderful was that my father, who had never practiced Falun Gong, found that the gout he had had for many years disappeared and the pain in his legs had also gone.

My sister-in-law also suffered from many illnesses. At the end of September 2001, her doctor suspected that she had pituitary gland cancer and asked her to have an operation with an estimated cost of over two hundred thousand Yuan. [Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average Chinese urban worker is about 500 Yuan]. Where could she get that much money? My sister-in-law was unable to do anything but cry and feel sorry for herself all day long. I introduced her to the practice Falun Dafa. Now she is very diligent in her reading of the Fa.

My younger brother was working as an engineer for a company. He was tall and strong, and was always in good health, therefore he had never believed in anything like Qigong exercises. However, one day in mid-December he suddenly had a pain in his chest, had a high temperature and difficulty in breathing. His family sent him to hospital right away. He was diagnosed as having pneumonia. After taking antibiotics for five days the fever did not come down and he still had difficulty in breathing.

A few days later, he was transferred to another two hospitals for medical examinations. His condition was getting worse. He was diagnosed as being in the late stage of lung cancer. He suffered from swollen lymph nodes and had liquids in his lungs. What's more, his condition was deteriorating with each passing day. My brother was short of breath and had to rely upon taking oxygen. The doctor said that the tumor was in between the lobes of the lung and the major artery, so an operation was impossible. The doctor said that the patient could die at any time and asked us to prepare ourselves because there was nothing further he could do. I thought at that time, in a situation like that, why shouldn't I teach him to practice Falun Dafa? I asked my brother to listen to Teacher's Fa lectures. He was not quite sure if he believed in the exercise or not. However, his desire to live prompted him to continue to listen to the Fa lectures. The following day, my brother told me, "Teacher is taking care of me now!" I encouraged him to have confidence and continue to listen to the tapes of Fa lectures.

On January 22, the doctor said that there was no medicine that could save my brother and asked him to go back home . The doctor said he could only live for three more months.

After coming back home my brother persisted in studying the Fa and practicing the excises, and he saw Faluns. Then he began to eat his meals. At the time he had not had any food for three days. On the third day, he learned all five sets of exercises. One week later, his breathing eased a bit and 2 weeks later he could sit cross-legged. After he could sit cross-legged his face became very swollen. His back, neck, arms and lower abdomen were all swollen. He would leave a puddle where he did his meditation and he urinated more frequently than before. Because he had a lot of liquid in his chest, I guessed that Teacher had turned the liquid in his chest into urine and the swelling in other parts of his body. One month later when he practiced the second set of exercises, "Falun Standing Stance," his usual skin color of purple, white and blue turned back to normal.

In July, my brother began to cough and spat out as many as three cups of blackened lumps of blood. My sister-in-law was scared but I smiled and said to her, "Don't worry. It's a good thing!" She thought my brother's health was deteriorating. Actually what he spat out were bad things. It was Teacher who helped him further to cleanse his body. My brother also knew it, so he showed no fear at all. Three days later, the swelling disappeared from his face, and it was also disappearing from his body.

Soon, all the swelling had disappeared from his body, his breathing was back to normal, and the liquid in his chest had gone. His health was totally recovered and he went back to work again. From the moment he was diagnosed with the incurable disease and the doctor declared he only had three months to live to the time he was fully recovered was only half a year.

Therefore, I am earnestly telling you that Falun Dafa is good! The miracles that happened in my family are only a tiny part in the cultivation stories of all the Falun Dafa practitioners. Falun Dafa is supernormal, so a lot of things that happened to Dafa practitioners are also supernormal and cannot be measured with everyday people's concepts.

As long as you improve your Xinxing [the nature of the mind or the heart, moral character] and persist in cultivating Dafa, it's only natural to have good health. I earnestly hope you can remember, "Falun Dafa is good, and the principle of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance is good."