On the morning of July 2000, Dafa practitioner Xu of Guling Town in Guling County, Sichuan Province was on his way to the sports center when he was abducted by the evil police into a car under unreasonable circumstances (there were at least 10 other people abducted as well). He was detained for 15 days, and was fined 200 Yuan*. In December 2000, he was again abducted by the police to the brainwashing center where he was detained for one month, his home was also ransacked many times.

Dafa practitioner Ms. Kong Beishu of No. 6 Victor Street Community of Guling Town, Guling County in Sichuan Province has been illegally detained for 8 days since July 5, 2000. She was again illegally detained for 12 days starting July 20, 2001. Her family had 700 Yuan extorted from them.

Wang Chengfen, female, 65 years old, in May 2003 she was kidnapped to the Taiping Police Station (person in charge: Xiong Yongsong). There she suffered cruel punishment; the police kicked her disabled leg and continued forced brainwashing.

Mr. Wang Anchu, because he went to Taiping town to appeal to the government on July 20, 1999, ended up being beaten and detained. In 2000, because he continued to cultivate, he was sent to a forced labor camp and served a term of one year and a half. After he was released, because he clarified the truth to people, he was kidnapped by Guzhai Police Station. Nobody knows his current whereabouts.

Ms. Xiong Xiuyou went to Beijing to appeal in 2000, when she was brought back to Taiping town, she was beaten up by Xiong Yongsong, Xu Yongzong, Wang Jinru, Zhou Rongxing, Wu Yinghua, Liu Honglu, Liu Ping and other vicious people. Using the excuse of her child not reporting her to them, they beat up her child, and forcibly brainwashed her child. Then they ransacked her home, sold off all her property keeping the proceeds for themselves.

Zuo Shengwen, who is over 60 years old, was illegally detained and beaten up because of his appealing to the Taiping Town government on July 20, 1999. In 2000, due to his steadfastness in cultivation, he was abducted and sent to Zouma Primary School and forced to perform hard labor, such as carrying bricks and rocks from one place to another place, and repairing the school's wall. Due to the fact that he didn't compromise with the perpetrators, he was sentenced to a term of four years, and he is still currently detained.

Ms. Wang Yuanqin, Gaoli resident of Taiping Town, received a term of two years in a forced labor camp.

Mr. Xu Yutao is a Taiping Town resident. Because of steadfastly cultivating Dafa, he was detained many times and received a term of four years in a forced labor camp. He has an over 80-year-old mother and wife at home who has no other financial resource.

Luo Jiefen, a female Zouma resident of Taiping Town, due to steadfastly cultivating Dafa, was illegally sentenced to forced labor camp for four years.

Liu Daiqun, a female Zouma resident of Taiping Town, because of practicing Dafa, was illegally detained many times by the Guling police station in 1999. In 2003, due to doing group exercises, she was illegally sentenced, and she is still detained to this day.

Dai Qiyuan, Shishui citizen of Guizhou Province, due to cultivating Dafa and validating the Fa, he was sentenced to three years imprisonment by Shishui police station. In 2002, due to organizing fellow practitioners to study the Fa, do the exercises, and appeal to the government, he was illegally sentenced to a forced labor camp where he is still detained to this day.

Huang Jialan, Dai's wife, because of organizing fellow practitioners to do group Fa study, do the exercises, and appeal to the government. In October 1999, she was illegally sentenced to a forced labor camp for three years. In 2003, she was illegally sentenced to a forced labor camp again, where she is still detained. Her children were left unattended, and they had nowhere to call home.

Guling County police station: 86-7222999
Guling County police station person in charge: Li Jinghong; Long Changhong
Criminal police team leader: Chen Gang
Detention center: Xu Yongzong
Guling County "610 Office" person in charge: Hu Yan
Taiping Police Station of Guling Town, Guling County in Sichuan Province person in charge: Xiong Song, telephone: 86-7400007
Criminal Offense Investigation Office manager: Yang Chexi, Zhou Qiang
Telephone: 86-7296022
Taiping Town Government President: Hu Dianbo; Telephone: 86-7400037
Taiping Town Government Secretary General: Yang Xiaochun; Telephone: 86-7400041

*Yuan is the Chinese currency. The average monthly salary of an urban worker in China is 500 Yuan