For seven days from March 13 to 20, 2002, Dafa practitioner Mr. Xiong Jinze had been imprisoned in a guard chamber by Xinkaipu Forced Labor Camp, Changsha City, Hunan Province. The guard chamber is approximately two meters long, one meter wide, and two meters high, with double iron gates. It has a cement bench, a toilet, and a water faucet. One has to eat, live, and relieve oneself inside this chamber.

Mr. Xiong Jinze was forced into a straightjacket and fitted with a weighted and hooded helmet that had only an opening for his mouth. With his hands wrapped tightly around his chest, it was very difficult to breathe. With the heavy, hooded helmet, he can only breathe only through his mouth. He was basically unable to move for seven days.

Afterward, Mr. Xiong was so week that he had to be carried out of the torture chamber that had confined him for a week. A prison guard said that nobody had been able to endure this torture for more than three days before. After 24 hours of torture, two drug addict prisoners in the labor camp had been assigned to monitor him. The two drug addicts often insulted him and tortured him psychologically.

A prison guard confirmed that in the second half of 2001, a Dafa practitioner died of torture in Xinkaipu Forced Labor Camp, Changsha City, Hunan Province.