On April 19, 2003, Dafa practitioner Mr. Sun Shizhong was beaten to death at Jiutai Labor Camp for upholding the truth. Five murderers, including Zhang Zhonghai, Song Wenli, as well as others were sentenced to imprisonment. The principal instigator, Lu Changtai, a former officer at Jiutai Labor Camp's Education Division, was arrested for instigating the murder.

So, why did Lu instigate others to commit murder? This is closely related to the overall persecution of Dafa practitioners at Jiutai Labor Camp. Under the orders of Director Guo Junpeng, Assistant Director Meng Xianglin, as well as Administrative Manager Zheng Hailing, the police and guards at the labor spared no efforts torturing Dafa practitioners.

Hundreds of Dafa practitioners were brutally beaten, shocked with electric batons, physically abused, had their terms illegally extended, put into solitary confinement, handcuffed, force-fed, deprived of clean clothing, bathing, sleeping, as well as other means of torture. Assistant Director Meng Xianglin and Administrative Manager Zheng Hailing even urged a Dafa practitioner to beat his head against the heating pipes, saying, "If you are killed, we will claim you committed suicide." Jiutai Labor Camp is still persecuting Dafa practitioners.

As a persecutor of Falun Gong practitioners, Lu Changtai expected to receive rewards from his superiors, but now he has also become a target for punishment.

As for those five murderers, they did not know Dafa practitioner Sun Shizhong before, nor did they have any personal hatred toward Sun. Disregarding their consciences, they just blindly followed the officers' orders, and for that they were put into jail and lost their freedom. Isn't it the same with Lu Changtai? This is indeed shows that harming others is actually harming oneself. It does not help anything just to regret; instead it is time to wake up. If people will courageously say "no" to the viciousness, and do good deeds to support righteousness, they will have a good future.

August 19, 2003