(Clearwisdom.net August 18, 2003) Wicked officials in Sanhe City, Hebei Province persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners during the period of the "Two Congressional Meetings." Even an elderly lady in her sixties, as well as her family members and relatives were not spared the harassment.

Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Liu Guiqing, who is in her sixties, lived in Sanhe City, Ju Yang County and Zhen Nan Guan Village. Around 11 a.m. on the morning of February 27, the Assistant Chief of Ju Yang County Police Substation, Ma Zhixin, ordered a group of policemen to surround the house of Ms. Liu. Ms. Liu sent forth righteous thoughts and managed to leave the house. That evening around 8 p.m., a large group of plainclothes policemen rushed into Ms. Liu's house and started to search it, creating a big mess. They found no incriminating evidence. The police then abducted Mr. Liu by force. Mr. Liu suffers from rectal cancer and had been resting at home following a recent operation. When the son and daughter-in-law returned home, they noticed the mess in the house and only their ten-year-old daughter was left behind, while a big crowd of plainclothes policemen occupied the whole house. The daughter-in-law tried to reason with the policemen. However, the policemen started to yell and gestured threateningly. Several of them pushed her down and handcuffed her. They apprehended her and her child.

The police took the family members away in custody and fruitlessly searched half the village for Ms. Liu. Soon they detained Ms. Liu's daughter, threatened her, and told her that if she failed to turn in Ms. Liu, she would not be allowed to return home. Ms. Liu's daughter was terrified as a result of the threats and of being physically shoved and dragged around. She became sick and weak and fainted. Afraid of being held responsible, the policemen had to send her home.

At the end of June, Ms. Liu finally returned home, but was reported to the authorities by Feng X and taken to a brainwashing class. At first she maintained a hunger strike for several days. Later, she succumbed to a combination of "soft" and "hard" pressure, threats of the use of force, as well as pressure from collaborators [former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture] and she agreed against her will that she would no longer continue to practice. As a consequence of her forced renunciation, Ms. Liu was allowed to return home, but she passed away several days later.

Ms. Liu's tribulations reveal the dark reality behind the propaganda regarding the treatment of Falun Gong practitioners, which the Jiang's regime claims is as soft as the "Drizzle and Spring Breeze."

Those people who participated in the persecution and their relevant work phone numbers are listed below:

Sanhe City Public Security Bureau Head of the Police Department: Xu Jinwen, office number: 0316-3212391
Sanhe City Public Security Bureau Politics Committee: Kang Jinyu office number: 0316-3212261
Sanhe City Public Security Bureau Deputy Chief in charge of persecution of Falun Gong:
Zhang Shanglin: 0316-3213963
Sanhe City "610" office Director: Liu Fuqiang
Sanhe City former Detention Center Chief: Gen Desheng

Ju Yang County Police Substation Chief: Chen Wenlin office number: 0316-3119157
Ju Yang County Police Substation Deputy Chief: Ma Zhixin
Ju Yang County Police Substation Deputy Chief: Wang Jieshen
Ju Yang County Police Substation Instructor: Ma Ruihai
Ju Yang Comprehensive Management Office: Shi Lijun

Sanhe City Committee Secretary: Sun Diangao, city committee office number: 0316-3212422
Sanhe City Government Office number: 0316-3212221
Sanhe City Political and Judicial Committee Office number: 0316-3212366
Sanhe Discipline Inspection Committee Office number: 0316-3212927
Sanhe City Appeals Office number: 0316-3214283
Sanhe City Public Security Bureau Management and Security Section number: 0316-3218119
Sanhe City Southern Section Police Substation number: 0316-3212087
Sanhe City Nanguan Village Committee number: 0316-3212834
Sanhe City Nanguan Village Committee Secretary: Wang Qiang home number: 0316-3110550
Sanhe City Nanguan Management Protection Secretary: Feng Jianzong home number: 0316-3223573