Recently the police hung reward posters featuring pictures of Dafa practitioners, Xin Baodong and his wife, Gao Shuying, at resident councils and shops in the nearby villages and townships. The authorities posted a 15,000-Yuan reward for each of them. [500 Yuan is the average monthly salary of an urban worker in China, 200 Yuan is the average monthly salary in rural areas]

Xin Baodong and Gao Shuying are in their 30s and live in Nanguan Village in Yang Township, Sanhe City, Hebei Province. They have two children and live with their parents, who are in their 80s. After Baodong and Shuying started practicing Falun Gong, they followed the principles of "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance" in their daily life and they tried to be model citizens. They were also highly praised by their neighbors. However, this kind and caring family lost its peace and joy after Jiang's regime began the brutal persecution against Falun Gong on July 20, 1999.

Baodong and Shuying were abducted and detained a dozen times and they suffered significant pain and hardship. Unable to deal with repeated harassment and threats from the police, Baodong's mother became very ill and was hospitalized at the city's Hospital for Traditional Chinese Medical Science in the spring of 2000. While the couple was in the hospital caring for the mother, the police broke into the hospital, forcefully abducted them, and put them into the city's detention center. Since Baodong was the only son, no one could take care of Baodong's mother while the couple was detained. His mother became totally paralyzed and completely disabled. She could not take care of herself at all. At the end of the year, the police sentenced Baodong to one-year of forced labor for no reason. During that year Baodong suffered from unspeakable physical and mental torture.

Baodong was abducted again without being charged not long after he returned home in the spring of 2002. He was detained at the city's Public Security Bureau detention center where he was immediately beaten by several inmates under orders from the head of the cell. That evening, they forced him to sit naked on the dirty and filthy toilet while they poured bucket after bucket of water over his head. Later, they would pour either a few buckets or several dozen buckets of water on him on a daily basis. The cell guard would ask him to yell out his serial number 8 times each day, and every time the guard would beat him using the excuse that his voice was too low. Once Baodong fell to the floor after being beaten, a dozen or so inmates wrapped him in blankets and kicked him even more. Another time after he fell, they held him up and slammed him to the floor. After just a few days of brutal torture, Baodong suffered serious internal injuries and had difficulty breathing. He could not help but moan from the pain while he slept. The head of the cell would tell the inmates, "That Falun Gong guy is a trouble maker. If he makes noise again just kick him in the head." Just like this, he would be rudely awakened every night, and totally deprived of sleep.

On the ninth day, after repeated beatings by dozens of inmates, Baodong could not get up anymore. The cell guard became afraid that Baodong would die in the detention center so they sent him to the city's Hospital for Traditional Chinese Medical Science. Because of his serious injuries, the hospital refused to admit him and suggested he be transferred to a hospital in Beijing. The public security bureau then dispatched many police to the hospital and forced the hospital to administer treatments to him. At the same time, they tightly blocked the news of his situation. After Shuying found out about her husband's massive injuries she went to the detention center and demanded an explanation. The police did not dare to admit their fault and denied all her inquires. At the hospital, Baodong refused to cooperate with the doctors unless his wife was notified. The police had no choice but to take Shuying to the hospital. After seeing her husband in such critical condition with massive bruises all over his body, she took pictures of him in front of everyone as evidence of the police brutality. The police seized her camera and took away the film.

Eight of Baodong's ribs were broken due to the beating he sustained during those nine days. Since the police abducted him without any charges and caused such serious injuries to him, the police were forced to pay all medical expenses and another 30,000 Yuan as compensation. Baodong was later unconditionally released.

But earlier this year, police started to harass Baodong's family again. The couple could no longer stand such harassment and was forced to leave their home. The police mobilized large amounts of manpower trying to abduct them again. They also harassed their relatives, friends, and neighbors. They even set up a long-term surveillance using binoculars with plainclothes police officers nearby. Such tactics severely irritated and aggravated the neighbors.

After Baodong's escape, his family led a very difficult life with his mother disabled and his father unable to take care of himself. While Baodong was in detention, his wife Shuying was also forcefully taken to a brainwashing class to be tortured. Their two children were forced to take care of their grandparents while they went to school. The hardships the whole family suffered were overwhelming. During the four years of this nonstop persecution, and under the tremendous pressure to her life and spirit, Baodong's mother passed away on July 22 this year.

Contact information for organizations directly responsible for the persecution:

Sanhe City Public Security Bureau Chief:

Xu Jingwen, office: 86-316-3212391

Sanhe City Public Security Bureau Commissioner:
Kang Jingyu, office: 86-316-3212261

Sanhe City Public Security Bureau Vice-Chief:
Zhang Shanglin, resident: 86-316-3213963

Sanhe City "610 Office" Director:
Liu Fuqiang

Sanhe City Detention Center Director:
Geng Desheng

Yang Township Police Station Chief:
Chen Wenling, office: 86-316-3119157