Solemn Declaration

I obtained Dafa in 1997. Because I went to Beijing to appeal in October 1999, and distributed the truth-clarification materials in August 2000, I was illegally imprisoned many times. Later on, I was sent to the labor camp. Because my righteous thoughts were not sufficient and I had many attachments that were covered very deeply, I was used by the evil and enlightened along an evil path. During the time when I was on the evil path, I was not clear minded; I said many bad words about Master and Dafa and did many bad things. For example, I tried to get other practitioners to give up their belief in Dafa, I reported that a practitioner whom I used to work with was making truth-clarification materials, and I helped the police destroy a Dafa material production site. On April 31, 2001, I was released from labor camp early.

After I returned home, because I did not study the Fa, I resisted the material on Clearwidom.net in my thoughts; I went deeply in among the ordinary people, and subsisted in contradiction and the pain. I even had the thought of committing suicide several times, but deep in my heart I still had a few righteous thoughts: I realized that my thoughts and desires did not conform to the requirement of Dafa. Perhaps just because the great Teacher saw that I still had a few righteous thoughts, one day near the end of last June, another practitioner brought me a copy of Master's Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Vancouver, Canada, in 2003. After I read the lecture, I knew I had been wrong before and I had enlightened along an evil path. As soon as I finished, I started reading Master's Fa-lectures from other conferences. I knew I had committed sins that could not be easily forgiven. I cried my heart out. I fully realized that I was wrong and I apologize to Master who is working so hard and suffering so much to save sentient beings. I apologize to the Dafa of the universe that created everything I have. Because I let the television station videotape my unrighteous statements many times, I brought bad consequences to Dafa. In the critical moment, I betrayed Dafa and harmed many Dafa practitioners. Now, I confess from my heart and admit the mistakes to our merciful Master and all the practitioners I harmed. I want to return to Master's side and come back to Dafa. I will use the time left to make up for the losses I caused Dafa.

Li Wenhua

July 20, 2003

(From http://www.minghui.ca/mh/articles/2003/8/11/55477.html)


Solemn Declaration

I was forced to attend brainwashing classes by the local police force at the end of 2001. At that time, because I had not studied Fa well and in order to seek an easy life, I gradually strayed further and further from the Fa. When I was in the brainwashing class, I wanted to end this kind of house arrest life earlier. Thus, under the high pressure and prompted by the evil, I wrote the "letter of guarantee" and also wrote words which slandered Master and Dafa. Thus, I was released by betraying Master and Dafa. In the days that followed, I lived very painfully, and had no motivation. I often missed that time when I had obtained Dafa and cultivated, when I was good, happy and full of hope. In this case, Master did not give up on me and gave me a second chance to obtain Dafa and cultivate. Last April, I was very fortunate to read many of Master's lectures from the past several years. Moreover, through studying Zhuan Falun, I was able to deepen my understanding of Dafa. Also, I had a totally new understanding about Fa rectification and cultivation during the period of Fa rectification. I very much regret what I did and how I acted in the past, and I suffer deeply for the unforgivable sins I committed against Master and Dafa. Here, I solemnly declare that what I wrote under pressure and prompted by the evil in that local police station and brainwashing class is totally null and void. I will firmly and seriously cultivate in the future and become a qualified Fa-rectification Dafa disciple. I will redouble my efforts to make up for and repay the loss to Dafa.

You Jiaquan

July 14, 2003

(From http://www.minghui.ca/mh/articles/2003/8/15/55665.html)