(Clearwisdom.net) Xuchang Forced Labor Camp is another place the Jiang regime uses to persecute Falun Gong Practitioners. The labor camp police openly instigate criminals to torture practitioners in order to force them to give up their belief in "Truthfulness CCompassion CTolerance." If a criminal "transforms" one practitioner, his prison term could be reduced by as much as three months. If a practitioner were "transformed" by the efforts of a group of criminals, each member of the group would get 9 days off of his term. For their efforts against those steadfast practitioners, the labor camp officials promise greater reductions.

So in order to leave the labor camp earlier, the prisoners, especially the head of the prisoners in a cell, would use any way they could think of to torture practitioners. Under the instigation of the police, their minds are evil and their means are ruthless. They are unscrupulous. At first, the head of the prisoners would talk to the practitioner and threaten him to get him to give up cultivation; then the prisoners would take the practitioner into the bathroom. They would turn on the water faucet, strip the practitioner, and then the brutal torture would begin. Some held the practitioner's arms. Some would punch and kick him. Some would throw cold water on his face, causing the practitioner difficulty breathing, sometimes causing him to faint. They would use the cold water to wake him and then continue the torture. They would not stop until the practitioner was confused and disoriented, with his whole body shaking or unconscious. Sometimes, they would strip the practitioner and force him against a wall or the ground. Some would punch and kick him; some would lash him with the wet towels; some would brush his anus with a toothbrush; some would pound the anus with mop; some would pull out the pubic hair; some would squeeze the testicles with their hands; some would pierce the legs with a needle; and some would pull the legs apart forcefully. The police on duty and nearby teams could hear the beating and miserable cries of pain.

At the end of the torture, the practitioner would have bruises all over the lower back and all around the body. Some wounds would bleed and fester. It was said that if the practitioner were killed under such torture, the doctor would claim all were internal wounds. Mr. Wang Xingbao (from Sheqi County), Mr. Yao Sanzhong (from Luohe, died due to the torture), Mr. Wen Qing (from Xinyang), Mr. Wei Rongjiang (from Nanyang), Mr. Li Chen (from Luohe) and so on all have suffered such torture, some several times.

Instead of doing the torturing themselves, the police gradually change their role to be behind the scenes, instigating the prisoners to do the dirty work. Regarding the torture mentioned above, the police would say they didn't know what happened in an attempt to escape responsibility. They would make a charade of investigating the case and send the practitioner to the hospital. They would tie up some of the guilty prisoners and ask the practitioner to plead for them and to guarantee not to pursue the responsibility, not to talk about it to those in other cells and to thank the police for treating the practitioner so well. They were all just like actors on a stage. In fact, rather than receiving punishment, those prisoners actively involved in the torture would get the reward of reduced sentences and early releases. On the other hand, the police would increase at will the sentences of the steadfast practitioners. After practitioner Mr. Li Jian was tortured to death, Wen Qing said a just word regarding his death, so the police increased his sentence by six months. Later, it was increased another six months without any explanation. Some practitioners, such as Wang Xingbao, would be told just a few days before the end of their terms that they would have to stay several more months, but were given no reason.

The police in the labor camp manipulate the common Chinese people's fears, such as fearing authority, fearing the prison and fearing the sight of their family members being tortured. They would often inform the family members of those who were most steadfast to come to the labor camp to tempt the practitioners emotionally in order to force them to give up. Ignoring the facts that the practitioners have been persecuted to suffer the separation from their wives and children, broken families, the loss of family members or financial hardships, they would often call their family members to come to the labor camp and threaten, lure or even force them to help with "transformation." Some police even plotted schemes for the family members or let the collaborators* or prisoners give them ideas.

During the so-called "Strengthened Transformation" period, the evils would be all over the Xuchang Forced Labor Camp. The "wheel" tactic [the tactic of several persons taking turns brainwashing a practitioner], sleep deprivation, and long hours of hard labor are used ruthlessly. Torture is commonplace. From 2001 to 2002, many forced labor camps sent people to Xuchang Labor Camp to learn their methods in persecuting practitioners. The police claim that the labor camp is the national model: "No. 1 in í transformation rate'."

*Collaborators: Former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture.

September 7, 2003