(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of September 13, Falun Dafa practitioners from St. Louis and Columbia participated in the Kirkwood Green Tree Festival parade. Two years ago, shortly after "9.11", practitioners participated for the first time in this festival.

This year, the practitioners made a lot of red lotus flowers to decorate the float and made it more beautiful. The female practitioners in white led the possession with color fans in their hands. The yellow banner was in the middle and the float followed behind the banner.

The weather was cloudy but not raining. A lot of residents sat along the streets watching the parade. During the two-mile-long parade, four female practitioners performed fan dances. The audience gave them warm praise, "They are so beautiful!" The audience also applauded the float. Two Indian and three westerner practitioners highlighted how Dafa crosses ethnic and national boundaries. When the procession passed the stage, the host introduced Falun Dafa as an ancient traditional Chinese cultivation system that has spread to over 60 countries in the world. Millions of people benefited from it but it was brutally persecuted in China. The practitioners distributing flyers had to refill their backpacks often because the newsletters went out so fast.

The Green Tree Festival helped many people see the beauty of Falun Dafa and have better awareness of the persecution.