1) In a labor camp in China, a Dafa disciple hid one of Teacher's articles in his pocket, which he had obtained with much trouble. At that time, the camp happened to be conducting a body search on practitioners, looking for Teacher's articles. This disciple sent forth righteous thoughts: "this article can't be found by them." As a result, the policeman who was searching him did not find anything, even though his hand had indeed already touched the article.

2) A Dafa disciple had scabies all over his hands and couldn't move them at all. His fellow practitioners and he all realized that it was persecution and it should be completely eliminated. Therefore, they sent forth righteous thoughts three times every day. Five days later, his hands completely healed. People were amazed by the miracle.

3) Some collaborators (former practitioners who have turned against Dafa under pressure) surrounded a Dafa disciple, trying to force him to give up his belief in Dafa. With the protection of Teacher and the power of Dafa, he clarified the truth to the collaborators with compassion. After he had finished, they told him, "We only have one thing to tell you, í You must continue!'"

4) Because a Dafa disciple refused to recite the prison rules, one policewoman brutally beat and kicked him. She also knocked his head against the wall, and pushed him to the ground. After the disciple got up, she beat him again. Then he was tied to a bed, unable to move. The policewoman did not allow his cellmates to help him at all, and she also incited them to beat him up. Later, this disciple clarified the truth to the policewoman. Finally she understood the truth and said that Teacher and Dafa are truly wonderful. The director of the prison no longer ordered the disciple to recite the prison rules, and the guards no longer treated him cruelly.