One day a female Dafa practitioner handed me 150 Yuan and asked me to give it to fellow practitioners who were making truth-clarification materials. This kind act seemed like something very ordinary, but after I found out where this 150 Yuan came from, I was deeply touched.

This practitioner has a daughter named Dandan (psuedonym) who is twelve years old and practices cultivation with her mother. One day, Dandan asked her mother, "Mom, the Minghui Weekly Edition mentioned an old grandmother who had three Yuan in her pocket, yet she didn't want to spend it. Instead she used it to make truth-clarification materials. Why don't you take out some money and make Dafa materials?" The mother said, "Yes, indeed, Mother should take out some money and make Dafa materials (actually she had already spent her money doing this). What are you going to do?" Dandan thought for a while and said, "I've got an idea. I still have the money that I got as a gift on lunar New Year's Eve. Mom, hurry up and get the money." As she talked she dragged her mother with her to get the money. The mother got Dandan's fifty Yuan and was ready to give it to fellow practitioners to make Dafa materials.

A few days later the mother took Dandan through the streets, and Dandan was hit by a young man who was riding a motorcycle. Dandan slowly got up from the ground, but she was not injured at all. The mother asked, "Does it hurt?" Dandan said, "I'm alright, let's go now." The mother turned to the young man and said, "The child is alright, you can go now." The young man said, "No, you have to go to a hospital for a check up. We should go before it's too late--just in case something is wrong." At the time, more and more people had gathered around and they all said that they should go to a hospital. The mother went with the young man to a nearby hospital for a checkup, and it turned out that there was nothing wrong with Dandan. The examination cost two hundred and sixty dollars, of which the young man paid two hundred dollars. When they parted, the young man said, "I work as a driver in a police station. Come look for me if you need me. This is my name and cell phone number."

Dandan's mother planned to return the money to him the second day and take some time to explain the true facts of Falun Gong to him. On the second day, the young man came to meet her as planned. When he saw Dandan's mother, he said, "What's happened to the little girl? Is there anything else you need?" Dandan's mother said, "Don't worry, she is fine. The reason I want to see you is to return the money. This is not entirely your fault." As she talked, she put the money in front of him. The young man was speechless and looked at her with great astonishment. He stayed silent for a while. Then he said, "Lady, you are really nice. You are a Falun Gong practitioner, aren't you!?" Dandan's mother said, "Yes, we cultivators try to be good people everywhere we go. Yet Jiang still persecutes us." The young man said, "I knew all along that it was Jiang alone that has been doing this. But his jealousy is so strong. However, lady, you have to be more careful. The upper management teams are making a lot of arrests. Our chief's wife also practices Falun Gong, and he was implicated. Let's do this: you take this two hundred dollars back and buy something nice for the little girl." Dandan's mother refused to accept the money yet he insisted on giving the money back. Finally Dandan's mother said, "I'll keep half of the money. I have a truth-clarification flyer for you to take and read. After you read it, you'll understand everything. What do you think?" The young man said, "Okay. I'll take the money and the flyer. I'll definitely read it when I'm home. But you have to be more careful."

When she got home, Dandan's mom told her about this. Dandan was very pleased. Her mother asked her, "Dandan, this is the one hundred Yuan that the nice fellow gave you. What kind of goodies are you going to buy with it?" Dandan said very seriously, "I'm not going to buy anything. Let's just use this money to make Dafa materials."