August 31, 2003


Near the end of July, I talked to my friend about the benefits I received from practicing Dafa. When I started talking about Jiang's group framing Dafa practitioners by fabricating the Tiananmen Square self-immolation affair, the gentlemen who came with my friend chuckled and said to me, "You can talk about it all you want but it won't be as true as what I can say about it, because I am an eyewitness." He then went on to tell what he personally witnessed on that day.

"During the afternoon of January 23, 2001 (New Year's eve on the Chinese lunar calendar), another colleague and I were sent to Beijing to find Falun Gong practitioners from our company who had gone to Beijing to appeal. Right when we walked into the square, policemen checked our identification cards. I took out our company referral letter, and only after explaining the whole matter did they let us through. Just a few steps afterwards, a plainclothes policeman came up to us and asked us what we were doing. I was questioned every few steps, I answered them frequently while I was walking.

While I was hurriedly walking into the Square, I saw a fire in the distance, and it being put out. I also saw a woman who had been on fire beaten down to the ground by a man, and another person standing on the side, leisurely taking photos and recording it all with a video camera. I clearly remember all of them wearing old-fashioned dress shoes. The atmosphere was full of tenseness and terror. Because people were not allowed to stay in the Square, I had not thought about it too much and was driven away by uniformed and plainclothes policemen. Because I didn't really know what was going on, this occurrence almost faded from my memory.

"However, a few days later when watching the CCTV news talk show, Focal Point, I carefully watched the scene from Tiananmen Square. Wasn't this what I saw in Tiananmen Square on that day! I carefully pondered. This can't be right. Even a person like me on security duty was strictly interrogated, and how did these Dafa practitioners get in? Also, a Tiananmen Square policeman said to me í Martial law has been enforced for the New Year's eve. Why are you still looking for Falun Gong?' It was also strange to me that during the time of the self-immolation, some plainclothes policemen acted leisurely. Even if they were experienced and knowledgeable, shouldn't a Tiananmen Square self-immolation be something they've never seen before in their lifetime? Even if they were í not surprised,' they still shouldn't have been acting like that. Wouldn't that be like filming a movie?

"So, I don't believe the self-immolation was done by Falun Dafa practitioners! In the future, if I am told to go find a Dafa practitioner, I will turn down the job."

[Note: This person and his colleague were both at Tiananmen and witnessed the self-immolation. To guarantee the safety of this person, we can't reveal his name.]