On July 20th 1999, Jiang started to persecute Dafa and the disciples on a national scope. As a Dafa disciple who benefitted from Dafa, I did not understand this persecution at all.

On October 12th, 1999, I boarded a train to go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. I was detained in a local police station in Beijing and then was sent to the Huludao police department liaison office in Beijing. On October 16th, I was detained in the "No.3 detention center" in Nanpiao district in Huludao. I was body searched illegally, prohibited from studying the Fa and practicing the exercises. I was beaten and cursed at, and tortured for 45 days. Afterwards, I was illegally sentenced to two years in a labor camp and sent to the Huludao labor camp. I was persecuted further there. Because I did not give up my belief in Dafa my labor term was extended for three more months.

At noon on November 30, 1999, I was transferred to the labor camp. At the "education and training" department of the camp, policeman Zhang Guosheng and the others took off all my clothes and searched my whole body. On the morning of December 2nd, 1999, Chen Dewen, a 57-year Cold male electrician and resident of Shuzhong Gejiaxiang and I were assigned to the No.1 group in the labor camp. They forced us to study the books, periodicals, videos and television news and other materials that attacked Dafa. If we did not study, we were forced to stand in the corridor, were beaten and shocked by electric batons, and forced to run. Such situations frequently occurred.

Following is some of the the persecution that I endured at the camp:

  1. One day, policeman Guo Aimin made a brainwashed former practitioner read Dafa-attacking newspaper articles to the firm practitioners like us. We did not listen. Guo Aimin called us to stand in the corridor for several days; sometimes we stood there nodding off at night. We were forced to stand for 8 - 9 hours every day. Our legs were swollen. The people that were forced to stand were Zhang Xuan, Su Hongtao, Chen Dewen and Gao Wenzhi.
  2. One day, an instructor with the last name of Shi called on us to read Dafa-attacking material. We did not read and so were forced to run 25 laps and on the second day run 30 laps ( about 2.4 miles) while holding a 1 meter long bamboo pole. After coming back, they gave the slandering-Dafa materials to us and we did not want to take it so the policeman named Shi forced us to stand. Chen Dewen refused. He was whipped with the bamboo pole until it broke.
  3. One evening, the guard leader Wang Guiqing forced us to stand up in the name of forcing us to memorize the "reeducation" labor rules. He beat Liu Yonghui and the Rong Haijun's forehead and shoulder with a broom until the broom broke and then hit Rong Haijun and Liu Yonghui's face with his shoes, while forcing Liu Yonghui to stand. Wang Guiqing beat his waist with the wooden bedboard (the board was 90 centimeters (3 ft) long, 13 centimeters (5.2 inch) wide, and about 2 centimeters (0.8 inch) thick ). Liu Yonghui and Rong Haijun's faces were bruised and swollen. On the next day, we saw that Liu Yonghui had blood in his phlegm, his lower back was injured, and he could not move normally for a long time. The people that were persecuted this time included: Zhang Xuan, Chen Dewen, Liu Yonghui, Rong Haijun, Pei Guangbin, Su Hongtao and Pang Mingyuan. (Note: The above 1 - 3 matters happened before May, 2000).

About 9 o'clock on the morning of May 30th, 2000, six people, including Chen Dewen, Su Hongtao, Wang Zhuo, Yao Yanhui and Wang Hongting from the No.2 labor camp were taken to Xinshou group. We stood in a row in front of the classroom of Xinshou waiting for the brainwashing class to start. Policemen Zhang Guosheng and Tong Yongli led the policemen from the guards Division. Liu Liang, Liu Qiang, Wang Tao, Shi, Zhang and Li Shuxue forced us to read Dafa-slandering books.

I persisted not to read. Zhang Guoliang slapped me a couple of times and then slapped my cheek, and the front of my chest with his fist. He was out of breath when he hit my chest with his fist and then proceeded to beat me again after taking a break. He also kicked me. His hands were bloodied. He called to the guards who were standing on the side to bring him a half basin of water. After he washed his hands, he splashed the water on my face.

They then pulled out all the other practitioners to beat them. At that time, I was beaten down and then was pulled up, and then Chen Dewen was beaten down and then we stood up together. We were beaten for a while. The policeman Zhang Guosheng then called the guards to the side and assigned a task to them. He said: "I endow with you the rights." He then walked away.

Shi beat my cheek with his fist, chopped my neck and chest with his palm, and while he was beating, he was showing off by saying: " I have practiced at home, and I can break a brick with my palm". He also said: "How come his tooth did not fall out; his tooth is really solid".

Liu Qiang beat Su Hongliang, Liu Liang and Wang Tao beat Wang Zhuo and Yao Yanhui. They forced us to kneel on the mop pole, and beat us with fists and feet. Chen Dewen did not kneel and was dragged out to be persecuted. Zhang Guoliang trampled me with his foot, twisted the mop pole and I immediately felt extreme pain that was hard to endure. The scars are still there. For 2 months, due to the pain on my knee, I could not support myself when I was walking downstairs.

Police Tong Yongli shocked every practitioner's head with an electric baton several times. Several guards dragged Wang Zhuo to a room, Yao Yanhui to another large room and dragged me to the storeroom and left Su Hongtao in the classroom to persecute us separately. They forced me be into a push-up position without touching the floor with my stomach and they beat me with the mop pole.

By now Shi tried to force me to read Dafa slandering material. I did not read it. Shi then forced me to kneel, and beat me along with Liu Qiang, Wang Tao and Liu Liang. They forced me to touch the floor with my two hands, bend the body a large distance between my two hands and my two feet so that my feet could not touch the floor. I slipped backward and was very tired. This was a very painful torture method.

I was exhausted and spoke without strength. Sometimes Wang Tao and Liu Liang called me to stand up and then beat me like a punching bag with combination punches. About 8 o'clock in the evening, Zhang Guoliang came into my cell with a full red face after drinking and asked me whether I was going to read or not. I replied: "I am not going to read." He said: "Kneel until 12 o'clock ". This time I was badly beaten. My left arm had such hard-to-endure pain that I could not lift it over my shoulder, my cheek was broken and bleeding. I could not open my mouth to eat, my head and my face were misshapen and swollen very large, my chest was black and blue in an area about 20cm-30cm (8 inch - 1 ft), and my lower back was seriously damaged.

At about 3 o'clock in the afternoon on June 1st, Yao Yanhui was beaten to unconsciousness for 14.5 hours. He lost consciousness, and did not respond even when the police shocked him with the electric baton. The police did not take care of him and also did not send for medical treatment. After the Falun Gong practitioner's urging around midnight, guard Zhao Fujun and policeman Tong Yongli took him to the hospital for treatment.

Later on we were made to sit on the cement floor every day with both legs held straight and with both hands placed on the knees. The waist had to be straight. They made us sit there for 8 hours a day and kept this up for two months. We also were beaten by the guard Feng San and group leader Wang Dianchen.

A group for persecuting Falun Gong was set up on July 1st 2000. We lived in three different big rooms. We were detained in a restraining group. There was a board written that said, "strict restraining classroom" in front of the door. There were about 16 people there. Zhang Guozhu was the group leader. During the strictly restraining period, we were sitting on the floor for 8 hours without moving. Gao Aiguo and other guards often beat and cursed us. Our legs were all swollen a and felt very painful when standing up. The practitioners that were persecuted in the strictly restraining classroom were: Zhang Xuan, Su Hongtao, Wang Zhuo, Yao Yanhui, Wang Hongting, Yang Jiangwei, Pei Guangbin, Pang Minyuan, Liu Yonghui, Rong Haijun, Liu Quanwang, Huang Lizhong. The offending policemen were Liu Guohua (the big group leader), Zhang Guozhu, Liu Haihou, Ding Wenxue and Fan. The guards were Gao Aiguo, Zhi Liguo, Zhi Bo, Cao Shuai.